Water bottle ID bands – inspired icons!

Water bottle ID bands – inspired icons!

Water bottle ID bands – we’ve got icons to suit every taste and age!

Our water bottle ID bands are a brilliant way to name kids’ water bottles as well as making fantastic baby water bottle ID bands!

You can choose up to two lines of lettering – so that could be your child’s name and surname, or their name and school name, or anything you like! We also have a range of amazing icons for children of any age to choose from! So our water bottle ID bands are not just for babies, toddlers or little ones! School age kids, teenagers or even adults can find an icon to suit them and to really personalise their bottle band!

So which icons are our most popular?

Our hearts icon is very popular for girls’ water bottle ID bands, and our football icon is much in demand for personalised bottle bands going to boys! Sounds pretty traditional……. but it’s what people are buying! We’re more than happy to mark bands for girls with footballs!

If you have a boy or girl who is into karate then we offer a high kicking karate icon for their personalised water bottle ID band! All that karate practice will make your kids thirsty and their friend will be super impressed when they grab their water bottle with its bottle band complete with name and karate icon!

For your dinosaur loving kids we’ve got not one but two dinosaur icons! Little ones often love dinosaurs and our two are distinctly different! One dinosaur icon for a personalised water bottle ID band is super cute and cuddly looking and the other is a terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex! Are your kids brave enough to have him on their water bottle ID band? Or would they prefer the more friendly dinosaur on their personalised bottle band?

We suggest if you’re choosing a dinosaur icon for a bottle band as a gift then our super cute dinosaur is best for tiny tots, while older ones might prefer our more scary character!

Are you buying a water bottle ID band for a sporty kid?

We’ve got lots of icons for sporty kids! If the child you are buying for is a keen cyclist, or just likes messing around on a bike, we’ve got a super speedy looking cycling icon to add to their personalised water bottle ID band!

For tennis lovers or just those learning to bat a ball about, we’ve got a tennis raquet icon, giving any personalised bottle band a Wimbledon feel! This is one for the tennis stars of tomorrow and any child who enjoys the net court! You can even get the band personalised with the name of their tennis club if they have one!

Golf loving kids can have a golf figure complete with swinging club! Golf’s a growing sport among kids and this is also one for kids who like following their mums and dads around the course!

How about a personalised water bottle ID band with a sailing boat on it for those who are at home on the water! Or for land lovers we have a cricket bat icon – perfect on kids’ water bottles through the long summer weekends and evenings of cricket practice!

How about icons for little ones?

We’ve got lots of icons for little ones to have on their personalised water bottle ID bands!

For your little animal lovers and those who love the zoo, we’ve got some friendly animal icons for your little ones to love! From the classic teddy bear for comfort to a zebra, lion or elephant, we’ve got a lot of animal icons to choose from for your child’s personalised water bottle ID band!

We have a little princess icon for tiny divas or ballet shoes for little dancers! Do you have a child who likes music or plays a musical instrument? For their personalised water bottle ID band we have a musical notes icon! Perfect for bottle bands going to orchestra or just a little ones’ singing session at the local library!

Most little ones like to watch builders at work and we’ve got a bulldozer icon for vehicle lovers! Not forgetting of course, our ambulance icon and our super speedy racing car icon!  We really do have an icon for almost every child – and some adults too!

We’ve mentioned just a few of our water bottle ID band icons – you’ll need to look in our shop at our personalised bottle bands to see the full selection! We’ve got a special visualiser tool so you can choose your lettering, font and icon and see a representation of it for yourself on the website before you buy!

The ideal choice for a kids’ birthday gift, our personalised water bottle ID bands are reasonably priced and will be well loved! They’re also eco-friendly – return to us for specialist recycling. With minimal and recyclable packaging, what could be better for a kids’ party gift!

Have a look in our shop now and make your choice!