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Personalised Toddler Cups

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    Personalised silicone toddler cups - smooth, flexible, silicone toddler cups that have a velvety feel and won’t break when little hands drop them!


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    Personalised Silicone Toddler Cup
    Personalised Silicone Drinking Cups (Set of Two)
    Personalised Toddler Cups
    Personalised Toddler Cup
    Personalised Silicone Drinking Cups (Set of Two)
    Personalised Silicone Toddler Cup
    Personalised Silicone Toddler Cup
    Personalised Silicone Toddler Cup
    Personalised Silicone Toddler Cup

    Personalised Toddler Cups Details

    More info: Personalised Toddler Cups

    Our toddler cups are best for little ones who are ready to make the move from closed cups to ‘big kid’ open cups - grown up cups made from toddler friendly silicone!

    • Chose from six colours
    • Personalised for your child
    • Suitable from 12 months
    • Made from BPA free, eco friendly silicone
    • Super easy to wash in hot, soapy water or in a dishwasher
    • Microwave friendly
    • Smooth, natural-feeling and flexes to fit little hands
    • Perfect for the transition to drinking from an open cup
    • Recyclable by returning to us, packaging is minimal and fully recyclable

    Personalised silicone bibs are also available in colours to match our drinking cups.

    Weight 65g
    H: 7cm D: 7cm
    Care Dishwasher Safe, Steriliser Safe
    BPA-free, CE certified food grade silicone

    Further Info

    Our personalised silicone baby drinking cups are ideal for little ones who have mastered motor control! These are for kids who have conquered drinking cups with lids and they want to move on to more grown up cups. The pliability of our cups makes bridging the gap from baby cups to grown up cups so much easier. Big kid cups made from little kid friendly silicone!

    BPA free silicone is free from nasty chemicals and our beakers feel so velvety smooth that your child won’t want to let them go, but if they do they won’t break!

    Silicone is soft, silky and moulds to fit perfectly into little hands. Unlike harsh plastic cups, our silicone baby drinking cups are flexible and pliable, making learning to drink from an open cup an easy and enjoyable experience!

    Silicone is eco friendly and our drinking cups can be recycled if you return them to us. All of our packaging is minimal and fully recyclable too!

    Our personalised baby drinking cups are very easy to wash - either by hand in soapy water or in a dishwasher. Silicone is highly durable and will not fade or stain, so you little one’s drinking cup will last! They make great personalised baby gifts or presents for baby’s first birthday!

    Our baby drinking cups are also microwave friendly.

    Returns and Refunds

    For personalised products - personalisation errors caused by us

    We really hope that you don’t find any faults or mistakes in the personalisation. We’re only human though, and occasionally we make mistakes! If you do find that we’ve made an error and the personalisation is not how you ordered it, we ask you to take a photo of the item together with the order number. With this information we can take a look and if we have made a mistake we’ll hold our hands up and send you a replacement, correctly marked as you originally ordered it.

    Personalised products - personalisation mistakes caused by you

    If you realise that you’ve made a mistake with the personalisation after you’ve sent in your order, it’s definitely worth contacting us as soon as you can with the order number. In such a case, if the item hasn’t yet been marked we may be able to rectify your mistake, however we cannot offer refunds once marking has taken place or if you receive your item and only then notice your error.

    Always double and triple check your personalisation before you submit your order to us to try and avoid this type of problem. It’s so easy to type something in wrongly, and it only takes a minute just to check things over and make sure you’ve got it right, Saves us a lot of trouble too.

    For products without personalisation

    If you notice a manufacturing fault in one of our non-personalised products, please photograph the item with its order number, and send back to us in its original packaging. We can then have a look at what’s wrong and issue you with a refund if we agree that there’s a fault. We’re sorry but, in any case, we cannot refund postage - but we’ll do our very best to ensure that you are happy with your purchase!

    Why Mum's Love Us?

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    Why Choose Minaym?

    At Minaym, we offer practical, stylish, and easy-to-clean products for toddlers and school-age kids, all made from chemical-free and eco-friendly materials like silicone and stainless steel. Founded by a busy mum, our innovative solutions, such as personalised bottle bands and silicone snack pots, simplify parenting and make perfect personalised gifts. Committed to exceptional customer service and sustainability, we also provide a recycling program, ensuring the best for a new generation of children.

    We're Multi-Award-Winning!

    Customer Reviews

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    So cute and perfect size


    Brought for my nephew he love it

    I Have Questions

    What makes the Personalised Toddler Cup different from other toddler cups?

    The Personalised Toddler Cup is made from soft, flexible silicone that is comfortable for little hands to hold and won't break if dropped. Plus, it can be personalised with your child's name and comes in six different colours.

    Is the Personalised Toddler Cup made from safe materials?

    Yes, the cup is made from BPA-free, eco-friendly silicone that is safe for toddlers to use.

    Are the cups supposed to be flexible?

    Yes! We know that little ones find it easier to grasp things that have a little give in them and feel softer. We want to make it as easy as possible for tiny tots to hold our cups and love them! So much better than those hard plastic beakers!

    Each cup holds 175ml of fluid.

    What’s the white residue on my cups?

    Don’t worry! We haven’t been handling flour! This white residue is something that’s sometimes left on the silicone from the marking process. Just wipe off with a soft, wet cloth and it’ll be gone faster than you can blink!

    How can I wash the cups?

    Our silicone cups can go into the dishwasher or be washed by hand in hot, soapy water. They can also go into a steriliser if you prefer. They are also microwave safe.