Engraved children’s cutlery uk – best for your baby!

Engraved children’s cutlery uk – best for your baby!

Engraved children’s cutlery UK – an ideal new baby gift!

Are you looking for a new baby gift or a gift for a 6 month old? Why not consider our personalised baby led weaning spoons?

Baby weaning spoons are made of eco friendly and non toxic, BPA free silicone, which is an ideal material for baby’s first spoon! They are tactile, suckable and chewable and it won’t slip around as a plastic spoon can!

They are ideal for babies just learning to feed themselves or just getting used to holding a spoon! Babies can ease their sore gums on these baby weaning spoons because they are made to withstand the gnawing and chewing that comes when babies first try feeding themselves!

Babies will love the friendly animal shape!

Babies love something familiar and our baby led weaning spoons are made with a friendly animal shape at the tip of the handle! Baby will soon learn to look forward to mealtimes with their friendly animal spoon!

Our personalised baby led weaning spoons are laser marked with baby’s name for that extra personal touch.  Baby will learn to recognise the letters of their name when they see them at every mealtime! An easy way for little ones to start to learn the shapes and forms of letters!

Our laser marking process means that our baby led weaning spoons are stylishly named.  An ideal personalised baby gift that’s durable and also eco friendly. They are easily recycled if you return your used product to us, and the packaging can be placed into your household recycling.

Engraved children’s cutlery UK – personalised toddler cutlery too!

For older babies and toddlers looking for their first ‘big kid’ cutlery, we’ve got personalised toddler cutlery! This is the perfect progression from our baby led weaning spoons – and both are award winning having won gold awards from Bizziebaby! Testers and customers alike love our baby led weaning spoons and personalised engraved children’s cutlery UK!

Our personalised toddler cutlery is made from eco friendly stainless steel with tactile silicone handles. It comprises a spoon and fork so that tiny tots can join in the fun at family mealtimes! We think that a knife might be a bit much to handle at first so we don’t include this in our personalised toddler cutlery set!

Coming in a choice of pastel colours for peaceful mealtimes, our engraved children’s cutlery UK is laser marked like our baby led weaning spoons.

Also like our baby weaning spoons, our engraved children’s cutlery UK is tipped by a friendly animal shape that little ones will love!

Recyclable with minimal packaging!

As with our baby led weaning spoons, our engraved children’s cutlery UK is recyclable if you return it to us for specialist recycling. Our packaging is as minimal as we can make it and you can throw it into your home recycling bin.

As a company, PKS is committed to trying to keep the materials for our products as eco friendly as we can. We also try to make sure that we package your items with as little waste as possible and always with recyclable materials. No huge boxes with tiny items in as sometimes happens with other retailers!

Our personalised, engraved children’s cutlery UK makes a great gift for a special occasion!

If you’re searching for that last minute toddler’s Easter present then our personalised engraved children’s cutlery UK will be a gift that is appreciated! It’s durable and attractive as well as practical! It can be packed in a toddler’s backpack for those meals on the move – and being laser marked it will be much less likely to get lost!

If you need other ideas for personalised baby gifts or children’s birthday gifts, why not look at our personalised bottle bands! They are multi award winning and super popular! They’re a stylish and practical way to name children’s water bottles so they look great and won’t land in lost property!

Personalised bottle bands are made from BPA free silicone and laser marked with your child’s name plus an icon from our extensive range! They’re washable still on the bottle, either by hand or in the dishwasher, and they can be recycled if you return them to us!

They make a great kids’ birthday gift or even a gift for a newborn! They’re also a cheap kids’ gift and won’t break the bank. Forget presents that just get thrown away – our personalised bottle bands are definitely not going to land in the bin! They’re highly durable and you can move them from bottle to bottle – so they’ll last and last! What could be better for that elusive kids’ birthday gift!

For our baby led weaning spoons, engraved children’s cutlery UK, personalised bottle bands and more why not visit our shop!