Children’s training cutlery and other inspirational ideas for kids’ birthday gifts!

Children’s training cutlery and other inspirational ideas for kids’ birthday gifts!

Children’s training cutlery – a brilliant kids’ birthday gift!

Are you wondering what to buy your baby or toddler – or another child – for a birthday present? Or  are you looking for a gift for a newborn? Why not try our personalised baby cutlery?

For babies who are weaning, we have personalised baby led weaning spoons made from BPA free, toxin free silicone! Silicone is ideal as a material for baby led weaning spoons because not only is it free from nasty chemicals but also it’s perfect for sore gums to suck and chew on! It’s easy for little hands to grasp and hold and it’s also non slip!

Baby weaning spoons are personalised so they make great new baby gifts or gifts for a 6 month old! They come in pastel colours to keep mealtimes calm and are an ideal way to help a baby begin to enjoy food for themselves! Our children’s training cutlery is tipped by a friendly animal motif that babies and young children will enjoy meeting at mealtimes! It’s really important for kids to enjoy mealtimes as this will make introducing new foods easier!

Silicone is also eco friendly – you can return used products to use and we’ll recycle them for you! Our packaging is fully recyclable and minimal, you can recycle it along with your other cardboard items in standard recycling.

Award winning products!

For babies and toddlers wanting to move on to ‘big kid’ cutlery, we’ve got some follow on children’s training cutlery that is also personalised for your child!  Our personalised kids’ cutlery is made from silicone and stainless steel – another eco friendly material! Again, we’ll recycle our children’s training cutlery if you return it to us.

Personalised toddler cutlery has tactile silicone handles tipped with our friendly animal motif and laser marked with your child’s name, or the name of the child you are buying for.  The spoon and fork set has a scoop perfect for picking up food, and fork tines designed with a zig zag shape to make it easier for little ones to spear snacks! 

Both our baby led weaning spoons and our children’s training cutlery are award winning – silicone baby weaning spoons and personalised toddler cutlery have both won Bizziebaby gold awards!

If you’re looking for that elusive kids’ birthday gift and you just can’t find anything suitable, our children’s training cutlery might just be the thing you’re looking for! Little ones love something that’s marked as theirs and they’ll adore using their very own personalised children’s training cutlery every day! Solve those present problems! Personalised toddler cutlery will definitely be useful and it looks so good! 

Try our Personalised Bottle Bands!

If you’re looking for other ideas for personalised presents, have a look at our multi award winning Personalised Bottle Bands! Bottle name bands are a brilliant way to label your kid’s water bottle! They fit snugly around most children’s bottles and you can wash them still in place on the bottle, either in the dishwasher or by hand! 

Personalised bottle bands are made from BPA free silicone, which is free from nasty chemicals. As with our other products, they are recyclable – just return used bands to us for specialist recycling. We think though that it’ll be a long time before your child’s personalised bottle band goes into recycling – they are extremely durable and can be moved from bottle to bottle!

Personalised bottle bands and children’s training cutlery make cheap kids’ birthday gifts – if your young child or baby is invited to a lot of birthday parties it’s great but can get expensive! Our bottle name bands and personalised toddler cutlery is an inexpensive present that really is useful and special.

Wooden Montessori learning toys!

In addition to our children’s training cutlery and personalised bottle bands, we have a range of wooden Montessori learning toys and puzzles to help your child begin to learn letters and numbers in an independent way.

Montessori learning toys are designed so that your child can enjoy learning to make their own mistakes and correct them without parent input! This way they learn resilience and how to correct their own errors. If a parent is always stepping in, children can become scared of making mistakes!

Our wooden Montessori learning toys include Alphabet letters and numbers, a fun way for young children to learn the alphabet letters as well as basic number recognition and simple sums! Alphabet letter tiles is a scrabble style learning game that allows kids to make up their own words and names and put them on the wooden placeholder that’s included!

Our wooden Matching Pairs is a Montessori style game – it’s just as the name suggests! Children can have fun matching the pairs of animals and objects, or younger children can just name the animals and objects on the tiles! 

Our wooden Number Match game encourages young children to explore basic number recognition and basic counting! Kids can match the number of dots to the number and number word.

We hope we’ve given you lots of ideas for reasonably cheap kids’ birthday gifts – have a look in our shop to see our full range of products. Enjoy browsing!