At minaym our philosophy is simple.

To provide easy to clean, practical, stylish products for toddlers and school age kids to eat and drink from – products that are as chemical free and environmentally safe as possible. Products we are proud to personalise with your child’s name.

Our products are for families concerned about avoiding dangerous chemicals in the products they buy for their kids – and also reducing the environmental pollution these can cause. 

We love silicone for its planet friendly profile and tactile qualities, and stainless steel because it’s so stylish and easy to clean as well as being environmentally sound!

You will find our award winning products are intelligently chosen to meet the needs of a new generation of children who deserve the best.

So whether it’s a gift for your own child, especially named for them, or a present for a birthday, Christmas or other special occasion - we’ll put their name on it, and they will say “It’s minaym!”

Minaym Founder Michelle
Personalised Silicone Snack Pot
Panda Gift Set (Personalised Panda Suction Bowl, Spoon, Fork and Bib)
Muslin with Teether

How did we get here?

Michelle, our founder, is a busy mum herself!  In fact it was the frustration of writing sticky labels on her kids’ water bottles again and again that made Michelle look for a more effective way to name them - and Personalised Bottle Bands were born.  A stylish solution product - and a very successful one! 

With two children in primary school, Michelle has first hand experience of the trials and tribulations of kids’ products, and also the frustrations of trying to minimise the mess that children can make while eating and drinking!  She wanted to provide personalised products to calm the chaos, to tempt tiny tots and to make life a little easier for mums with young children!

Michelle is very conscious that parents want their kids to use products that are child-safe, chemical free, easy to clean and kind to the environment.  After researching materials, she decided upon silicone with its non toxic, tactile qualities and its durable nature.  To this she added stainless steel, with its environmentally friendly reputation.  Both can be recycled and PKS offer specialist recycling for all of their products - all you have to do is return used items. 

An initial venture was started - Labelistas - which grew into Personalised Kids’ Stuff, with a wider range of products including kids’ cutlery. Michelle used her professional background in insurance and her innate sense of style to push the company forwards from a small mum-run start up to a blossoming company selling a growing range of personalised kids’ products. Bottle Bands and Personalised Kids’ Cutlery have received well deserved awards - take a look at our product pages to checkout these accolades.

Young Kid drinking from bottle with bottle band

With acute awareness of the importance of excellent customer service, Michelle knows from her own experience how essential it is to have friendly, prompt replies to questions, and she strives to make every customer feel valued and attended to.

PKS aspires to make minaym a household name for personalised kids’ stuff by providing you with an ever expanding range of stylish products for children, along with unrivalled customer service. We hope you enjoy our website and love our products! 

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