Water bottle bands – brilliant for kids’ sports!

Water bottle bands – brilliant for kids’ sports!

Water bottle bands – how do you name your kids’ sports bottles?

Do you use labels or write on the bottle? Or do you leave off the name altogether? Do you end up losing a lot of your kids’ water bottles? Are you always buying new ones?

We might have the answer to your water bottle naming problem!  Our water bottle bands are brilliant for labelling kids’ bottles for sports and other clubs! They’re ideal for school, nursery and preschool as well as making excellent kids’ birthday gifts!

Water bottle bands are made from BPA free silicone which is free from nasty chemicals found in plastics. Our bands are laser marked with your choice of name and an icon from our wide selection. We’ve got icons for every taste from dinosaurs to footballs, from ballet shoes to hearts!

With our water bottle bands, your kids’ water bottles will be easy to spot at any sporting event or in school or nursery. They’re far less likely to get muddled up with other similar bottles and far more likely to come back to you if they are mislaid!

Water bottle bands are easy to wash either in the dishwasher or by hand and you don’t need to remove them from the bottle – they can stay on and be washed as you would usually wash the water bottle.

Can you spot your child’s water bottle amongst others?

Kids always need water bottles for clubs and sports – so it’s easy to lose them or get them mixed up. Piles of water bottles at football or basketball? How can your child see their own water bottle when it’s mixed in with all the others? With our water bottle bands it’s easy! They’re available in a selection of 9 colours from pastels to brights so your child’s water bottle will stand out from the crowd!

For younger children our water bottle bands can help too – and not just by standing out! Our silicone bands make bottles easier to grip and hold which is great for kids with developing coordination skills! Because they’re easy to wash you won’t have the worry of germs spreading when bottles are handled – quite the opposite in fact, because our water bottle bands make bottles stand out, fewer hands are likely to be touching your kids’ bottles because they won’t be mistaken for similar ones!

Water bottle bands help with early literacy!

If you’ve got a toddler or young child, you’ll be preparing them for the start of school and early literacy! Because our shrink bottle bands are labelled with your child’s name, it’s easy for them to become familiar with the letters – they’ll see them every time they use the water bottle!  Naturally absorbing language is the best way to learn! 

Water bottle bands – great for adults too!

Even adults love our water bottle bands for the gym or work – teachers moving from room to room or nurses even! Anyone who needs to keep tabs on their own water bottle in a stylish and hygienic way! No more bottles left on the spin bikes or in lost property – bottles with our water bottle bands on are easy to spot and harder to lose!

Our silicone bottle bands and other products are eco friendly – recyclable by returning to us. The packaging is also minimal and recyclable! We’re all trying to help the planet and it’s very important to us at PKS that we have eco friendly products and packaging.

We’ve got kids’ cutlery too!

If you’ve got younger children then you’ll be interested to know that we also make personalised kids’ cutlery and baby led weaning spoons – also personalised with your child’s name. Baby weaning spoons are made from BPA free silicone which is chewable, suckable and kind to gums! Personalised kids’ cutlery is made from BPA free silicone and stainless steel. They make great toddler birthday gifts or a gift for a new baby!

Try our wooden Montessori learning toys and puzzles!

We’ve also got a new range of wooden Montessori learning toys – Montessori fun learning wooden toys are the best way for young children to start learning! Made from wood, they aren’t brash and over stimulating as plastic toys can be. They encourage independent learning – the ideal of wooden Montessori toys is that kids learn by making their own mistakes and correcting them themselves rather than relying on adult input. This makes for independent learners at school – and that’s very important! 

For maths with have Number Match Cards – wooden domino style cards that allow your child to count dots and match them to the number and number word. These are brilliant for toddlers and preschoolers – they can start by just learning to count the dots and then progress to matching them with the number halves.

We’ve also got Alphabet Letters and Numbers – wooden Montessori style letter and number shapes that kids can really feel and draw round. The tactile qualities of our Montessori learning toys encourage children to really absorb the shapes and forms of the letters and numbers so they really become naturally familiar with them.

For preschoolers and early learners we’ve got a scrabble style Alphabet Letters game – children can make up their own words and names and place them on the wooden placeholder provided. Lots of fun and experimentation for your child and maybe a friend too!

For more information on Montessori learning, have a look here.

Wooden Emotion Cards – giving feelings faces!

With Wooden Emotion Cards to help kids express their feelings and talk about them, and Wooden Matching Pairs which are beautifully laser marked with animals and objects, we’ve got a brilliant range of wooden Montessori learning toys and puzzles for your child or for kids’ birthday gifts as well!

You’ll find all of these and more in our shop – and coming soon we have a brand new range of silicone mealtime products too!