Montessori Infant Toys – best for your children!

Montessori Infant Toys – best for your children!

Montessori Infant toys are designed for child led play and learning. How do they benefit your children? 

Montessori Infant toys encourage independence in learning and play. They are made to be played with without much adult input – which means that children are encouraged to experiment, and try different strategies, without a parent telling them they are right or wrong! The main idea of Montessori is that children can get things wrong and learn to correct their own mistakes rather than being told.

Often children can feel that they don’t want to try something because they always have an adult stepping in and telling them to do it another way, or showing them a method or an answer. With Montessori Infant toys, your children can be left to work things out themselves and find their own solutions to puzzles. If your children aren’t at school yet, you’ll find that schools very much encourage independence in learning and so Montessori Infant toys are a great springboard for future learning!

We’ve got a whole range of Montessori Infant Toys to choose from!

At PKS we’ve got a new range of wooden Montessori toys and learning games to allow children to play and learn independently!

We’ve got Number Match Cards which enable little ones to learn to count dots and match the number of dots to the numbers and number words. We’ve got a brilliant game of wooden Pairs which are laser engraved with beautiful animals and objects for kids to match into pairs.

We’re also offering wooden Alphabet letters and numbers so children can become familiar with letters and basic maths numbers, these also include basic mathematical symbols for more advanced play and experimentation!

Added to these we have a game with Alphabet letter tiles, with wooden holder for little ones to make up their own words, either alone or with a friend. Children can enjoy experimenting with spelling words and making names – remember it’s a learning process and it doesn’t matter if it’s not right, it’s the journey that matters! 

For kids to explore and vocalise their feelings, we have wooden Emotion Cards marked with expressive faces – a great way to start story telling or simply tools to enable young children to tell you what they are feeling!

Montessori Infant Toys – made from wood

Our Montessori Infant toys are made from wood – natural materials have relevance and context in your child’s world and connect them to their roots in the environment. Wood creates a calm atmosphere with its muted, organic tones and feel. Think of the difference between the feel of plastic and the feel of wood – which would you choose?

Montessori Infant toys encourage interaction with other children too – it’s natural if there is a problem or puzzle to be solved that other children can help out! This builds skills of working as part of a team and develops social and communication skills. Your children won’t even realise they are learning because they’ll be having so much fun! 

Our Montessori Infant Toys really help prepare children for independent learning!

Our wooden Alphabet Letters and Numbers set gives hands on experience of the shapes and forms of the letters and numbers. Children can feel, see and touch the shapes, draw around them and absorb the memories of how they are formed. This is a huge help when they get to preschool and then school, where writing begins!

It’s a massive help if your child has already had experience of the form of letters and numbers, makes it so much easier for them – Montessori math toys and Montessori infant toys are such good preparation for later learning!

Wooden toys are free from toxins and they look so good!

Montessori infant toys made from wood are free from nasty chemicals – unlike plastic toys which can contain chemicals you wouldn’t want your children to be exposed to. Our Montessori math toys and other Montessori school toys can be cleaned easily – just wipe them over with soapy water and they’ll be ready for more playtime again!  They’re long lasting and the laser marking won’t rub off or fade. Quality Montessori infant toys that your children can pass on to their brothers and sisters or friends!

Not forgetting, of course, that Montessori infant toys just look so good! Think of the clutter of plastic toys and how unsightly they can look in your home, and compare that look to the lovely, warm, organic look of wooden toys! They’ll look stylish in your home as well as having all the other brilliant benefits of Montessori learning toys! 

As an added benefit our Montessori Infant Toys come in cotton drawstring bags which are personalised for your child!

We’ve got Personalised Bottle Bands and Personalised Kids’ Cutlery too!

Have a look in our shop for our Montessori infant toys, along with our other products made especially for babies and young children. Try our Personalised Bottle Bands for labelling your kids’ and babies’ water bottles, or our Personalised Kids’ Cutlery which is suitable for babies and toddlers. We also have a new range of infant silicone products for eating and drinking coming very soon!