Personalised water bottle bands – and more inspiring ideas for kids’ gifts!

Personalised water bottle bands – and more inspiring ideas for kids’ gifts!

Personalised water bottle bands – a great idea for those kids’ party gifts! 

Now that covid restrictions have been lifted, the kids’ party calendar is back with full force! It’s lovely for the kids to be asked to parties but most of us were a bit relieved not to have to buy so many party presents during the restrictions!

We have some ideas for cheap kids’ gifts – things that are stylish, useful and won’t break the bank! So your kids can enjoy the parties and you won’t feel as though you need to keep a separate bank account to fund them!

Personalised water bottle bands – a good kids’ party gift! 

Our personalised water bottle bands are made from BPA free silicone which is soft and tactile as well as free from nasty chemicals. They are perfect for labelling kids’ water bottles for school and sports clubs. We’ve all tried different methods of naming our kids’ water bottles and it can be a frustrating process! That’s why we started making our personalised water bottle bands – so that kids’ bottles can be named in a durable, stylish and practical way that kids love! 

We know that our personalised water bottle bands work because we’ve got them on our kids bottles – and because of the many, many rapturous reviews we’ve received from our satisfied customers! 

They’re so easy to keep clean – you can wash them still on the bottle as you would normally clean your kids’ water bottles, either by hand or in the dishwasher. They won’t fade or stain and are extremely strong and durable – so they’ll be great on bottles year after year!

Personalised water bottle bands are easy to fit to your child’s water bottle – simply stretch to fit and arrange in place! If you want to transfer your band to another bottle this is easy too – just ease off – we find they come off really well if you ease them off in soapy water. Then you can just slip them onto your new bottle and they’ll look as good as new too!

Ideal for those kids’ party gifts – you don’t want to spend a lot but you want to give something that is fun, attractive and useful! Kids and parents alike will be delighted with this child’s birthday gift. Once one child has one, all the others will want them!

Personalised bottle bands are also perfect for babies’ bottles, so they make an excellent toddler birthday gift or even a gift for a new baby. They work really well on a baby’s nursery bottle, making it easy to spot and hard to lose! Pop your baby’s bottle with its personalised bottle band on into your nappy bag and you won’t get it mixed up with other babies’ bottles when you meet at the park or over coffee with other baby parents!

You can feel reassured also that you’re being kind to the planet if you purchase our name bands for water bottles – they’re recyclable if you return them to us and the packaging can go straight into your recycling bin!

Personalised kids’ cutlery – an unforgettable toddler’s birthday gift or newborn gift!

We’ve got a fantastic range of baby and toddler cutlery to choose from if you’re looking for a reasonably priced baby or toddler birthday gift.  You want to give something special but not hugely expensive? We have just what you’re looking for!

With personalised silicone baby led weaning spoons topped with animal silhouettes and personalised silicone and stainless steel toddler cutlery, we’ve got something for babies right up through the toddler years.

Our personalised baby led weaning spoons are soft and suckable, BPA and phthalate free and easy for baby to grasp and hold. Whether you’re going for baby led weaning or mixing it with some parent led feeding, our personalised silicone weaning spoons are just the thing.  In peaceful pastel shades to encourage relaxed eating, our baby weaning spoons are ideal for babies nursing sore gums!

Let your baby take control and practice eating easily with our baby weaning spoons! An ideal gift for a 6 month old baby or even a new baby if you’re looking ahead to weaning – and it does come up pretty quickly!

Personalised toddler cutlery – little ones love to eat like their older brothers, sisters, friends and parents and our personalised toddler cutlery lets them do just that! With BPA free silicone handles that are easy to grab, smooth for your toddler’s skin and non slip, our personalised kids’ cutlery has eco friendly stainless steel fork tines and spoon scoops.

The perfect progression from our baby led weaning spoons, this personalised toddler cutlery makes a fantastic toddler’s birthday gift or kids’ occasion gift.

Wooden Montessori learning games

We’ve also got a wonderful new range of personalised wooden Montessori learning toys to choose from if you’re looking to buy something educational but fun with an organic, natural feel.

Our products include Number Match Cards – a domino style dot and number matching game; a game of Pairs marked on wooden tiles – have fun matching the wooden tiles; as well as Montessori wooden letter and number tiles and Montessori wooden alphabet and number shapes which include mathematical symbols.

So you can see you’ll be spoiled for choice if you’re looking for a kids’ party gift – and we have a new range of silicone products coming very soon geared to baby and toddler feeding and drinking!

Have a look at our shop for all of our products, we’re sure you’ll find something to give as a kids’ party gift – and you’ll come back for more!