Children’s engraved cutlery sets – a brilliant present for a toddler!

Children’s engraved cutlery sets – a brilliant present for a toddler!

Children’s engraved cutlery sets – are you stuck for a toddler’s birthday gift?

We’ve got the answer! We use laser technology to mark our personalised kids’ cutlery so that the name won’t rub off and will look amazing! We think our children’s engraved cutlery sets make a perfect toddler gift! 

If you’re a friend, grandparent or parent looking for a toddler’s birthday gift or special occasion present then cutlery is an excellent thing to buy! Toddlers are learning all about food, mealtimes and family eating and they have the dexterity to use cutlery properly. They want to join in and eat just like older brothers and sisters or mum and dad! 

Personalised children’s engraved cutlery sets made from BPA free silicone and stainless steel!

Babies learn to hold a spoon, begin to feed themselves and the next stage – probably in the toddler years – is to use a fork as well. Our personalised toddler cutlery has silicone handles which are easy to grab and hold. Silicone is soft, smooth and feels comfortable for small hands to grasp! 

Silicone is BPA free so free from nasty chemicals and phthalates. It’s also non slip so it won’t easily fall from your toddler’s grasp or slide down a bowl as metal or plastic cutlery might. It’s got a friendly feel – and our children’s engraved cutlery sets are topped by an animal silhouette, making them even more welcoming and easier to handle.

Not all toddlers are good eaters and they may need to be encouraged at mealtimes! Our children’s engraved cutlery sets – with your toddler’s name laser marked on the handle – are fun and practical, stylish enough to impress their friends and yet comfortingly familiar so your kids will look forward to using them! Eating at this age is all about experimenting and we think our children’s engraved cutlery sets are essential accessories to the eating experience!

Highly durable and won’t stain or fade!

It can be tricky to think of a gift for a toddler. What are the options? Well you could choose clothes – but they’ll soon grow out of them! Toys – but they might soon grow bored of them! Our personalised kids’ cutlery is an option with longevity – our children’s engraved cutlery sets are highly durable and won’t fade or stain, and they definitely won’t go in the bin! 

Toddlers might not yet be able to read but they start to notice letters and words and one of the first of those that they will become familiar with is their own name! By frequently seeing their name they’ll build this familiarity – and especially if they are seeing it as often as every mealtime! Seeing their name on our personalised kids’ cutlery is an easy way for toddlers to start their journey along the path of literacy!  

There’s such a range of children’s cutlery available but we think that ours is among the best kids’ cutlery! Available in pastel colours for calmer mealtimes, it avoids over stimulating your little ones, who will already be experiencing new foods and building healthy eating habits. The last thing they need is bright, loud cutlery to add to the confusion! We really believe that the smoothness of our silicone handled spoons and the muted colours help your child feel calmer at mealtime and more ready to try new foods!

Eco friendly products and packaging too!

Our personalised kids’ cutlery is eco friendly too – it can be recycled if you return used products to us. With stainless steel fork tines and spoon scoops and silicone handles our kids’ cutlery is planet friendly as well as stylish and practical. Our packaging is minimal and fully recyclable too – you won’t have lots of waste to put into the recycling bag! No ridiculously oversized package – just what is needed to get the product to you safely! We know that gifting can mean lots of waste – and we want to keep that to a minimum!

If you’re looking for a gift for a new baby, we also offer personalised baby led weaning spoons! Both our personalised kids’ cutlery and our baby led weaning spoons are award winning and have received excellent reviews from panels of testers! 

For babies – personalised baby led weaning spoons!

Our baby led weaning spoons are made entirely from silicone which means they are BPA free, suckable, lickable, ideal for sore gums and growing teeth! Handles are easy to grab, non slip and spoons are great for experimenting with new foods! As with our children’s engraved cutlery sets, our baby led weaning spoons are fully personalised with your choice of name. Ideal as a gift for a newborn or a present for a new baby, they are durable, attractive, practical and intelligently designed – and above all totally baby friendly!

To check out our range of personalised kids’ cutlery, head to our shop. Keep an eye open for our new range of silicone baby and toddler products for eating and drinking with! We’ll soon be launching an exciting range of new personalised mealtime products!