Montessori toys preschool – inspire independence in your little ones!

Montessori toys preschool – inspire independence in your little ones!

Montessori toys preschool – why would you choose them? 

Do you have lots of plastic and broken preschool toys lying around the house? It’s quite stressful isn’t it? Wouldn’t it feel better to have lovely wooden Montessori toys in your home, creating a more peaceful atmosphere rather than a multi coloured plastic mess?

Montessori believed in using natural materials, preferably wood, for learning toys. They create a much more organic, calmer learning environment – wood is calming in its feel and in its look and creates a feeling of being close to nature.

Our Montessori infant toys are all made from wood, helping to create that naturally calm environment that helps kids to learn. Our Montessori alphabet toys include alphabet letters – and numbers – that are cut out so children can actually feel and see the shapes. This helps kids remember the form of the letters so that word recognition and even writing follow naturally.

Bring nature to your child!

Our Montessori scrabble style word game is made from blocks of natural wood and it can be stored in a personalised cotton, drawstring bag to keep all the pieces together! Imagine the difference between a child playing with a harsh plastic scrabble set and one enjoying our Montessori letter tiles! It feels and looks so much more natural and it encourages quiet, thoughtful play and peace!

Wooden Montessori toys UK are not just good for creating a peaceful playtime space. Wooden toys radiate warmth from a child’s touch and yet can also be cooling and soothing. Being a natural material, wood doesn’t put your child in any danger of exposure to chemicals – something you might worry about with plastic toys.

Wood is also environmentally friendly – easy to recycle of course – and keeps your child as close to nature as possible. There is growing interest in preschool and school age children learning in natural, even outdoor environments and our Montessori wooden toys bring nature to your child!

Wooden toys exude quality and charm

Montessori toys preschool also look so attractive in the house! Even without knowing about the educational Montessori toys’ benefits, it’s easy to see why you would choose a wooden learning toy over a plastic one!

Haven’t we all marvelled at wooden toys in toyshops? They always look so much better and seem to have so much more charm and quality. Well, they do! Montessori toys preschool are clearly ahead in the attraction department! They just look so good in the toy box or in your child’s room!

Montessori wooden toys UK may also remind us of our own childhoods and have a whiff of nostalgia about them harking back to even our grandparents’ childhoods. They seem more wholesome, clean, more suitable for little ones than plastic alternatives!

Helping to develop independent thinking

Montessori toys preschool introduce your children to a whole range of skills. They can develop independence – let your child play with the toys and make mistakes! It doesn’t matter if they are playing with out Montessori math toys and they match the wrong number to the dots! It matters that they try on their own and gradually they will learn the correct answer. They are learning to play independently – a great skill that they will develop at school!

Montessori toys preschool encourage experimentation

Experimentation is important in a child’s learning, and Montessori toys preschool certainly help to develop this. Montessori wooden toys encourage child centred play and trial and error – they will learn by themselves or with other children how to get things right after lots of self led experimentation! This builds resilience and confidence in their own problem solving abilities.

Montessori toys UK also help children to develop socially if they play with the wooden Montessori toys along with other young children. Together they learn to cooperate and solve problems together – skills which will be very important at school and beyond. Our Montessori toys preschool can be played with alone or with other little ones.

Our Montessori wooden toys include Number Match Cards, Alphabet Letter Tiles, Matching Pairs, Alphabet Letters and Numbers and our Mood Cards. All have as their core the Montessori principles and ideas, and all come with cotton, personalised drawstring bags for attractive storage.

Mood Cards help children develop emotionally – they are wooden cards showing different feelings and their corresponding feeling names. They can help children identify and describe their feelings and can be particularly useful for children who find it hard to express themselves, or have a learning difficulty. They can also be used for storytelling or story structuring!

All of our Montessori wooden toys make great toddler gifts or kids’ birthday gifts.  With the extra special feature of the personalised cotton storage bag they make perfect kids’ gifts that will be fun, practical and durable too. They won’t be things that just get thrown away or break – your children might even bring them out for their own children!

Head to our shop for the full range of Montessori toys preschool, as well as our Wooden Milestones which make ideal gifts for a new baby.   Watch out for new products coming soon!