Montessori math toys – the best child led, clever and classic games!

Montessori math toys – the best child led, clever and classic games!

Montessori math toys – have you tried wooden learning toys to help your child with maths?

Maria Montessori was a pioneer in childhood educational methods in the early part of the 20th Century and her methods are still revered and followed by many today. There are many Montessori preschools which teach children along the lines of Montessori’s ideas and practices. Montessori believed in learning through self directed play, letting children try things and experiment with toys without adults directing and jumping in to tell them to do things this way or that way!

Montessori believed in simple, natural toys which were often made of wood, in muted, organic colours that calm rather than confuse children.  This is why we have chosen wooden Montessori toys UK for our new collection!

Montessori math toys are especially helpful to children experimenting with numbers. It’s beneficial for toddlers and young children to actually feel and handle the numbers and play with their shape and form.  Our Montessori math toys enable kids to do just that! 

Brilliant Montessori math toys – wooden number match cards!

We have brilliant Montessori math toys – wooden number match cards so kids can learn to recognise numbers and number words and match them with the corresponding half showing the correct number of dots!

Toddlers and very young children usually don’t yet have one-to-one correspondence – meaning that they may not be able to point to dots and count them saying ‘one, two, three…’ This is a skill they learn in preschool or foundation.  Our Montessori math toys – especially our wooden dominoes – pave the way for this basic maths skill. 

Our wooden number match cards also help children with basic number recognition and familiarise them with the words that fit those numbers – they may not be able to read them yet but seeing the words regularly starts that process of recognition. Then your children will be a step ahead with literacy as well as maths!

Let kids play with our Montessori math toys without interruption – try not to jump in and correct them too much if they don’t manage to match the numbers with the correct number of dots! Kids have to make mistakes to learn and they will, with time, realise how to solve the puzzle!

Wooden toys are calming!

Being made of wood, our Montessori children’s toys are very calming for children to play with as well as feeling smooth and organic in their hands. They can be easily cleaned by wiping with a soapy cloth as you would usually clean toys. 

They are also extremely durable and will stand up to lots of kiddie play! If you have several children then you’ll find our Montessori math toys will be great for all of them!

Our Montessori alphabet letters and numbers set includes the numbers 0 – 9 plus basic mathematical symbols, so young children can develop number recognition and older kids can make up sums!  In true Montessori style they are made of wood and their shapes can be handled and felt so toddlers and preschoolers can become really familiar with their form.

Our Montessori math toys – alphabet letters and numbers can even be drawn around or copied on paper once your child gets the hang of the pencil grip – something that is usually worked on and developed in preschool and reception years.  

Toddlers and primary age kids can enjoy our Montessori math toys!

Our numbers and symbols can be enjoyed by older children too – they can have lots of fun alone or with a friend or sibling making up number sums and answering them. With plus, minus, times, divide, equals, greater than and less than – children have lots of scope for practising their maths skills and better still they’ll be occupied playing something educational, leaving you free! 

If you are trying to minimise your child’s screen time or if you just want them to have an alternative to educational games on an iPad, our Montessori friendly toys are perfect. It’s lovely to see a child enjoying actively playing with real wooden toys!  While iPads can over stimulate, wooden toys are calming and have a soothing effect on kids – and parents too!

If you’re worried about losing some of the wooden bits from our Montessori math toys, we have a great solution – our wooden games come with a cotton drawstring bag with personalised wooden tag, so the entire game can be gathered up and stored safely away! All ready for the next fun Montessori style learning session!

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