Best Montessori toys for toddlers! Be inspired by our new wooden collection!

Best Montessori toys for toddlers! Be inspired by our new wooden collection!

Are you looking for the best Montessori toys for toddlers?

We’ve got some fantastic wooden Montessori toys UK for preschool and early years coming very soon! With Montessori alphabet toys, Montessori learning toys for maths and a Montessori style wooden pairs game you’ll be spoiled for choice!

Our best Montessori toys for toddlers are made from sustainable wood and all come in washable, 100% cotton bags with wooden tags that can be personalised if desired. Our Montessori fun learning wooden toys are easily cleaned by wiping with a soapy cloth and they are highly durable – so you can use them for all of your children! They won’t tear as cardboard ones might. They’ll always clean up as good as new, just pop them into the drawstring bag and store until the next time your children want to play with them!

Montessori alphabet toys

We’ve got two of the best Montessori toys to help toddlers and children in the early years recognise and learn the alphabet!

Our Wooden Montessori letters and numbers are designed to help kids with capital letter and basic number recognition. We’ve designed them so they are tactile and kids can really feel the shape of the letters and numbers as well as seeing them! This is in true Montessori style – it’s important for kids to actually handle the shapes to get a proper idea of their form.  This really helps them with writing and forming the shapes of letters and numbers with a pencil!

Older children can also enjoy the benefits of Montessori toys – alphabet letters can be jumbled up and children can organise them into alphabetical order. This is a skill that primary age kids need when they come to use a dictionary or have to do any work requiring alphabetical ordering!  

We also have another of the best Montessori toys for toddlers – and older children too! We’ve introduced to our website a wooden scrabble style set with letter tiles and holders! Your child can enjoy making words from our wooden letter tiles and can even play with a friend! Younger children and toddlers can practice making up their names with the wooden letter tiles and try forming short, simple words.  You can help them by making simple words and asking them to try and sound out the letters to read the word!

Our Montessori alphabet letters and numbers can be put back into their personalised drawstring bag which will keep the sets tidy and in order after play!

Montessori counting toys

As well as our Montessori Alphabet toys which include numbers 0 – 9 and common mathematical symbols, we are introducing a domino style number matching set. Little ones can work on one to one correspondence with one half of the match showing a number in figures and words and the other half showing the corresponding number of dots!

We definitely have the best Montessori toys for toddlers!

Little ones using our Montessori counting toy game will become familiar with numbers, number words and basic counting! Pre school and early years kids can just try putting the number halves in order or recognising the numbers while reception age children can try counting the dots and matching them to the number!  They can do this in numerical order at first then try mixing them up to really check understanding!

Fun with wooden pairs game

More of the best Montessori toys for toddlers!

Kids can have lots of fun with our new wooden pairs game – each set contains 12 pairs and kids simply have to find the matching cards! Toddlers may need help with this and can try with the laser engraved side facing upwards while older children can have the laser marked side face down for added difficulty! So they can be Montessori nursery toys and games for older children!

This is a simple game but it’s made so much better because it’s laser marked beautifully on wooden tiles!  Ideal as a special child’s birthday gift or toddler’s birthday gift or just a fairly cheap children’s gift! Montessori play toys really are the best way to learn! Ours are also fairly cheap Montessori toys!

Our wooden Milestones are the perfect gift for a new baby or as a gift for a baby shower. What better way to mark the passing of each week or month of baby’s first year? A photo of baby with one of our Milestones means that looking back you can see the progression as they develop!

Our Milestones come in a host of different options – with Rainbow style cut out or laser marked or our beautiful Buzzy Bee design. Both come either personalised or non personalised – after all you might not know baby’s name! Made from sustainable wood and coming in a cotton drawstring bag which can be personalised if desired, these wooden Milestone discs are a perfect eco friendly gift!

Of course all of our products come with minimal packaging that is always fully recyclable, and because the products are made from wood they are fully recyclable too – although we doubt you will ever want to get rid of them!

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