Inspired Ideas for New Baby Gifts!

Inspired Ideas for New Baby Gifts!

Are you looking for new baby gifts? A baby shower gift? Stuck for ideas?

It’s tempting to get baby clothes.  Everyone loves choosing cute baby outfits, but a baby won’t be in them for long – and many new parents get lots of tiny outfits and end up giving them away or exchanging them for another size!

A baby shower gift or new baby gift needs to be memorable, something unforgettable that stands out! Something that makes the parents remember the thought , the person that gave the gift. We think we have the perfect solution!

Our children’s cutlery sets uk and children’s stainless steel cutlery sets uk plus our personalised bottle note bands are the best kids’ stuff!

Our Wooden Milestones are fantastic mementos – parents can take a photo of their new baby at each stage of their very early development with one of our Milestone Discs. Looking back they be able to see clearly the age of the baby when the photo was taken!

New Baby Gifts? Wooden Milestone Discs are perfect!

Our Wooden Milestone Discs  come in different sets, some marked to show the weeks as they pass and another set showing months from birth right up to a year old!

Coming in a personalised or non personalised option – non personalised is great for a baby shower when the name of the baby might not yet be known! The personalised Wooden Milestone Discs are marked with baby’s name, so ideal new baby gifts, once you know baby’s name!

Picture this – looking back through photos you took of your baby’s first weeks or months – can you remember exactly the age of your baby without checking the date of the photo? Many people would struggle so don’t worry if you can’t!

That’s why Wooden Milestone Discs are such great baby shower gifts or new baby gifts – a glance at a photo of a baby with a Milestone Disc and everyone will know straight away how old they are – and you’ll be able to see how they develop and progress in the first weeks or months, easily being able to tell the age of the baby! No more wondering how old the baby is in the photo!

Originally designed artwork in two styles

Our monthly Wooden Milestone Discs come in two distinct, beautiful designs – Rainbow and Buzzy Bee. Rainbow Discs are offered either laser marked or cut through – Rainbow cut through discs allow the rainbow to be completely see through! Either makes a wonderful new baby gift!

Buzzy Bee Wooden Milestone Discs – our beautiful bee changes position for each month!

Buzzy Bee Milestone Discs are marked with an original bee design – which changes position for each week or month to emphasise the passing of time!

If you choose the personalised option then the baby’s name will appear on each milestone disc, a lovely keepsake as well as the perfect accessory to any new baby photo! 

In addition to sets showing weeks and months, we have single Wooden Milestone Discs to be given as a stand alone baby shower gift or new baby present! We also offer the single Milestone as a personalised or unpersonalised option, and in Rainbow or Buzzybee design, cut through or marked.

Our weekly baby Milestones comprise 4 discs, each marked with baby’s name and one, two, three or four weeks old and are also available in either Rainbow or Buzzybee designs.

All Wooden Milestone Disc sets come in a cotton drawstring bag, fully personalised.

All of our Wooden Milestone Discs come in a cotton, drawstring bag with a wooden tag personalised to the customer’s requirements. These are machine washable or can be washed by hand if desired. A wonderful way to keep your precious milestones as fantastic memories. You can bring them out in years to come and remember the days you used them in photos of your new baby!

Personalised Baby Led Weaning Spoons – fabulous new baby gifts!

We also have Personalised Baby Led Weaning Spoons for babies from 6 months of age, so if you want a special present for a newborn that looks to the future – yes they will soon be 6 months old! – then look no further because we have the perfect solution!

You can choose the personalisation for the spoon by using the handy visualisation tool on our website, which will give you an idea of what your spoon will look like fully personalised. 

Our baby weaning spoons come in a choice of pastel colours and are easy for a young baby to grab and hold.  They’re made from BPA free silicone, which gives them a smooth, silky, tactile feel and makes it easy for baby to begin to learn to feed independently!

Personalised baby led weaning spoons can also be used by parents to help with feeding but our silicone baby led weaning spoons with their friendly animal ends encourage a baby to explore different foods for themselves!

PKS Baby Led Weaning Spoons have just won a Bizziebaby gold award – they scored 5/5 from all testers and received rave reviews! Any new parent will be delighted with one of these spoons and babies will be too!


Ever popular Personalised Bottle Bands  – more great new baby gifts!

Don’t forget we also have our best selling Personalised Bottle Bands – winner of MadeForMums awards in 2020 and 2021- available on our website and in our Etsy store too! These are perfect for babies’ bottles and clearly label them in a stylish and practical way. Available in a range of 9 colours and with a choice of icons they are the ideal way to clearly label any bottle – not just for babies but older children and adults too!

We hope we’ve given you a few ideas for new baby gifts – have a look in our website shop for personalised bottle bands and baby spoons and in our Etsy store for our Wooden Milestone Discs, and other wooden kids’ products – lots and lots of gift ideas at your fingertips!