Bizziebaby Gold Awards for PKS Products!

Bizziebaby Gold Awards for PKS Products!

Bizziebaby Gold Awards – winners!

Hey! Our Personalised Bottle Bands and Personalised Baby Led Weaning Spoons have won  Bizziebaby Gold Awards! 

Bizziebaby test a wide range of products for babies and a panel of testers are given the products to try out and review. Only the very best products get Bizziebaby Gold Awards – and we got two!

Testers who tried our Personalised Bottle Bands were really impressed! Here is a selection of their comments!

“I would recommend as I think the quality is high, they offer value for money, many options to suit all ages/preferences, even for adults not just children.”

“Good quality, value for money, good customer service “

“We used it while out with friends whose children had similar bottles, while the other parents were checking the kids had their bottle ours was easy to find.”

“We also used this when had a family gathering with all the other cousins and for once I did not lose Alfie’s bottle.”

“I think this is a great gift idea.”

Bizziebaby Gold Awards’ testers picked out some fantastic advantages of our Personalised Bottle Bands – and they’re all true!

Our bands are fantastic for making your kids’ bottles stand out from the crowd, the durability is superb, they are so easy to wash still on the bottle, they make great gifts and are reasonably priced too! They really are a genius idea and you’ll wonder what you did without them!

Great for parents too!

Several of the testers commented on how easy it was for them to find their baby’s bottle amongst others and also that Bottle Bands are great for parent use too!  

We’re really happy that the testers loved the quality and style of our Personalised Bottle Labels! And our fabulous customer service of course!

Buzziebaby Gold Awards for our Personalised Baby Led Weaning Spoons!

Another Gold Award, for our Baby Led Weaning Spoons! We’re really delighted that the Buzziebaby testers were so impressed with our BPA free silicone spoons, suitable from 6 months!

Our spoons come in a choice of two pastel shades and can be fully personalised for your child, or the baby you are buying for!

Testers loved the feel and flexibility of out spoons!

What testers said about our spoons:

“This was really easy for my Emilia to hold.  This spoon has really helped Emilia with her hand mouth coordination for self-feeding!”

“This is the perfect size and again useful that its personalised so it doesn’t get mixed up with other kids and ideal to take out on your travels.”

“The quality is great – mine has been through the dishwasher daily for weeks and is still flawless”

“I would recommend as it is a lovely keepsake.”

“I liked the material it was made from and how flexible yet strong it was. Yes this is good value.”

Here at PKS we’re really pleased that testers recognised that our Baby Led Weaning Spoons are perfect for helping babies learn to eat by themselves! We put a lot of thought into the design and we really do put the needs of babies and parents first!

We’re super proud of our Bizziebaby Gold Awards!

Our Baby Led Weaning Spoons are superbly suckable!

We’re really pleased that our Personalised Baby Led Weaning Spoons scored so highly! As testers said, they make great keepsakes and baby gifts and babies love them! Who wouldn’t? With such super smooth handles and suckable, silky mouth feel they are perfect spoons for babies learning about eating!

MadeForMums  Gold Awards for PKS in 2020 and Editor’s Choice in 2021 too!

Our Personalised Bottle Labels also won the MadeForMums Editor’s Choice award this year, 2021, and a gold award from MadeForMums in 2020. We’re on a winning streak!

MadeForMums is another highly regarded parent and baby review site with extremely rigorous testing and only the top products tested win awards! We’re very happy that they decided to give us awards two years running!

Our Personalised Toddler Cutlery was awarded a silver from Bizzybaby, just missing out on a gold award but still very highly recommended.

You can read our gold Bizziebaby reviews in full here:

For Personalised Bottle Bands

For Baby Led Weaning Spoons

More kids’ products in our shop!

So, if you’re looking for a reasonably priced baby gift, a new baby gift or a bottle name band for an older child, have a look in our website shop! We’ve also got an Etsy shop where you can find these products and others too – our new range of wooden kids’ products! 

We have Wooden Milestone Discs – a great new baby gift or baby shower gift. A cute keepsake and brilliant photo prop to remind parents how old the baby is in a photo! These come laser marked with original artwork – in our Buzzy Bee or Rainbow designs.

We’ve also got Number Match Puzzles which can help young children who are learning to count!

To help children express their feelings we’ve got Wooden Emotion Cards – making it much easier for kids to talk about what they are feeling!

At the moment, with the fallout from the Covid pandemic things can be particularly confusing for kids. This inspired us to bring you Wooden Emotion Cards, to help kids – using our specially designed character faces – to voice their feelings.

All these and more can be found on our Etsy shop page!

We’re constantly striving to expand our range of kids’ products so keep an eye on our website and Etsy pages! We look forward to seeing you soon!