Help save the planet – 13 simple things you can do!

Help save the planet – 13 simple things you can do!

What can YOU do to help save the planet?

We hear all the time that we need to save the planet! But what can we actually do that will make a difference?

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Eat less meat!

Eat less meat – or go meatless! Keeping animals and producing meat accounts for about a quarter or greenhouse gas emissions! If going vegan is a step too far for you then reducing meat consumption is a really good step in the right direction!

Even just cutting meat out for a couple of days a week would make a difference if you currently eat it everyday. Try a couple of days of non meat meals – experiment with vegetarian or vegan recipes that the whole family can enjoy! And it will help save the planet!

Poultry and fish farming are less harmful to the planet than meat farming, however vegetarian and vegan diets are much more sustainable for the earth in the long term.

For more information on meat and the environment have a look here.

Buy locally sourced foods

Locally produced foods don’t have to travel so far to get to your plate – which means fewer air miles and less pollution! Locally produced fruit, vegetables and meat or fish if your eat them are much better for the environment than those that travel miles by plane to get to you. 

You can also help save the planet by buying local produce, which also benefits your regional economy, so it’s a win win!

Use the car less!

Think about when you use your car – is it really a necessary journey? Could you walk, cycle or use public transport instead? Do you really need to drive the kids to school just because it’s raining?

Walking to school is a lot less stressful than sitting in traffic even in the rain! If you want to help save the planet then using the car less definitely comes near the top of the list!

If you have to pick up children or wait for someone in the car then don’t leave the engine running while you are sitting waiting! If you have to drive then turning the car off while you wait means less pollution!

If you live in a city could you use public transport instead of the car?

Electric vehicles are good but the majority of people don’t have one yet, so reducing unnecessary journeys is key. If you can trade in the petrol or diesel car for an electric model then that’s brilliant!

Buy fewer new clothes!

Fast fashion is really wasteful – clothing production and the air miles involved in bringing clothes to you are great environmental costs! Plus not buying fast fashion will save you a lot of money!

There are several apps designed to give people easy access to good second hand clothes – and you can see your old clothes on them too! Try Vinted!

Clothes from these apps look like new! If you have kids you’ll know how quickly they grow out of their clothes – having a look for good second hand clothes or finding a friend with an older child who can pass clothes on to you is a really eco friendly way to find style! Dress to help save the planet!

Otherwise you could dye or alter some clothes that are already in your wardrobe – or your kids’ cupboards! As long as they still fit they can be redesigned and might save you spending out on new stuff too! You can even add your own twist to your old clothes to make them unique!

Instead of throwing clothes away when there is a tear, why not try mending them? You’ll be surprised how satisfying it is – and kids often get attached to their favourite clothes so you can make them last a little bit longer!

A really great tip – once your kids grow too tall for their jogging bottoms or jeans, you can cut them off to make super cool shorts! This works for pyjamas too!

Buy fewer items in plastic containers and recycle those you do

If possible, try to recycle the plastic you buy – your local council should provide recycling bags and some shops will now recycle soft plastic wrappings too.  If you can, buy fruit and vegetables loose or in paper bags – and remember your reusable shopping bags at the supermarket!

Our Personalised Bottle Bands are great for personalising reusable water bottles – and not just for the kids! Take your water bottles with you when you go for days out rather than buying drinks and throwing away bottles! Help save the planet and don’t buy single use water bottles!

Try to minimise air travel

If you can, when you go on holiday, avoid flying! Aeroplanes cause a lot of environmental pollution and the less you use them the better it is for the planet!

If you can’t avoid air travel, try to minimise it!

Don’t mow the grass as much!

To encourage bees and other pollinators as well as butterflies, it’s much better to let the grass grow a bit longer – plus if you have a petrol mower you’ll be using it a lot less, saving you money and environmental cost.

Electric mowers are a good option if you want to change to something more eco friendly – you can even charge them using solar power if you invest in solar panels!

If you have enough space in your garden you can make a wildflower meadow – this is really pretty and will encourage bees and butterflies as well as other wildlife like hedgehogs, field mice and different species of birds.  If you do want to mow some of your meadow, it looks fantastic to just mow paths and leave the rest long, perhaps including a focal point like a bench or pot!

Grow flowering hedges rather than laurel!

Laurel hedges might look neat but if you’re planting a new hedge it’s better for wildlife to plant a native hedge like hawthorn, privet, holly or even fuchsia for a really pretty hedge.

Lots of people are now leaving cutting native hedges until after they have flowered to give the bees more of a chance! Mixed hedges work well too – birds will nest in native hedges and they can be great homes for lots of different animals and insects!

Laurel hedges unfortunately don’t nurture wildlife, nesting birds or bees! If you have existing laurel hedges don’t worry! Think about the other plants in your garden and try and plant lots of flowers that will attract bees – lavender is brilliant!

If you don’t have a garden but have a balcony or terrace, try growing flowering plants and shrubs in pots to attract insects and bees.

Insulate your home!

Make sure your home is as well insulated as possible so that heat doesn’t escape from it in the winter! This will save you money in the long run and will also greatly benefit the environment!

Shop ethically sound brands!

PKS are super keen on helping reduce damage to the planet and our products are recyclable – you just need to return them to us once you’ve finished with them. 

Our packaging is minimal and 100% recyclable.

Turn off lights!

Get into the habit of turning off the lights in rooms you’re not using! It will save on bills too! Teach your kids to turn off the light in their rooms once they come out and they’ll keep the habit!

Eco friendly light bulbs are available and using these will make a difference to energy usage over time.  At Christmas spare a thought for your energy use when you’re choosing the Christmas lights!

Wash clothes at a cooler temperature!

If you usually wash clothes at 60 degrees, try a 40 degree wash – most modern washing liquids or tablets will produce good results at lower temperatures. The hotter the water, the more energy used – and the more damaging plastics are washed into the sea to harm the fish!

Have a look at the Ariel site for tips on washing clothes to help save the planet!

Spread the word!

Get the kids involved in spreading the word about saving the planet – if kids understand what we need to do and why they’ll be really keen to tell their friends! There are lots of environmentally conscious charities you can raise money for too – the RSPB, the Wildlife Trust, Friends of the Earth, the Coalition for Rainforest Nations or the Clean Air Task Force to name just a few.

You don’t have to donate money though – just trying to do your bit to help the environment and telling other people about it is fantastic!

Small changes mean big progress!

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