7 fascinating types of holiday parent – which one are you?

7 fascinating types of holiday parent – which one are you?

We’ve spotted 7 types of holiday parent!

Everyone loves the school holidays! Or do they? During the holidays you can spot different types of holiday parent – and decide which one you are!

Most kids love the holidays – no sitting in lessons and freedom to do different things and play a lot!

Do you look forward to the holidays or do they fill you with dread? 

Some parents love the holidays but to others they are a challenge to be overcome – especially shuttling several children of different ages around to activities! 

Yes it’s nice to do some different things with the kids and we all start out with good intentions of doing so many things! However trying to juggle work and kids can take its toll and school holidays can be hard work!

Parents deal with the holidays in all sorts of ways and it’s interesting to see how different parents cope!

We’ve picked out a few types of holiday parent you might bump into over the school break!

The super organised parent

Every day is timetabled months in advance so this parent knows exactly what’s happening and when. Kids’ camps feature highly with this parent who is often working hard too.

Work can be a driver for a parent to be super organised – it’s hard to juggle demands for lunch and snacks with work calls and meetings! Being organised with camps can be a life saver!

The super organised parent isn’t just a working parent – but also someone who values their ‘me’ time, a precious commodity when you have kids!

Super organised parents have it all in hand and seem to handle the holidays unruffled!

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The laid back parent

Some parents are just comfortable with having the kids around all the time! These parents relish the holidays as quality time with their kids and are only too happy to get the paints out and spend days at the park or just chilling round the house. 

Often working from home, the laid back parent seems to be comfortable with the kids being around while they work and has cultivated the art of answering lists of emails while cooking dinner or doing a painting project!

Laid back parents can be the envy of other parents – they just seem to be happy to deal with anything that comes along without getting stressed!

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The play date parent

This type of parent actively seeks out playdates for the kids all holiday – and they’ll go along too if it’s a day out to the seaside or the park and make it a social occasion. 

Play date parents are tactical planners – they’ll be only too happy to have the kids round to play and that brings the added bonus that their kids get invited on lots of playdates too which means parent quiet time!

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The last minute parent 

This parent often wishes they had got organised sooner! Camps are booked out and they’re scrabbling around for days out and things to occupy the kids on a daily basis. 

However, a last minute parent tends to do impromptu things and this can be really fun! Sometimes the best days are unplanned! Planning is good but it’s also great to appreciate what just comes at you by chance!

The super organised parent would hate this lack of planning though!

The sporty parent

This parent has tennis and badminton courts booked, swimming arranged with the kids – and they don’t just sit watching! They want to join in, whether it’s football or rounders, cricket or martial arts, they’ll be there with the family doing the fitness thing. They’re super motivated and factor activities into every spare moment!

The sporty parent often drives their kids to achieve, to master skills and is often super motivated with work too – and the kids’ work!

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The park parent

The park parent packs a picnic and a book, some toys and balls for the kids and finds a space in a field.  They’re happy there for the day!

The park parent often bumps into other park parents regularly and the kids entertain each other! Much better than having to do all the childcare back at home!

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The educator

This parent is super keen on museum visits and science camps, literary festivals and drama days.  Oh and taking the kids to the library!

They have scoured the internet for activities and places that will stimulate their children’s brains. They can be seen handing out clipboards and pens to the kids in the museum and on nature walks to keep the kids learning!

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Of course things aren’t so clear cut, there are bits of these parents in all of us and we are mostly a mixture of all of them! 

Some people do stand out more than others as particular types of holiday parent though!

Ideally we’d love to be a combination of these parent types. It would be great to keep the kids’ learning going, be the sporty parent, be organised and yet still have relaxed days and days out in the park! And have some playdates too!

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They’re a great investment too because the kids can use them on their school water bottles when school starts again!

In the meantime, have happy holidays with the kids and find some time to browse our website to see our Personalised Bottle Bands, Personalised kids’ cutlery and other new products being added all the time! We’ve also got an Etsy shop where you’ll find these products and more!