Bottle name bands – 10 great reasons to buy!

Bottle name bands – 10 great reasons to buy!

Bottle name bands – we know they’re amazing and our customers agree. But just in case you aren’t sure – or you don’t know what bottle bands are – we’re here to help!

Personalised water bottle bands are the perfect answer to your water bottle naming problem! If you’ve tried naming your kids’ water bottles before you’ll know how frustrating it can be! Sticky labels just come off or fade and writing on the bottle isn’t ideal either! That was our dilemma and our solution to this was name bands for bottles! These stretch over the bottle and are laser marked with your choice of name so solving that naming problem! They are an eco friendly and chemical free solution to naming.

So, why are bottle name bands uk so good?

Bottle name bands look so good!

Rubber name bands for bottles look super cool and stylish! They come in a range of 9 colours from pastels to vibrant brights – something for every child and even for their parents too! Kids love the look of our bottle name bands and friends will be asking for one too! They are also eco friendly and recyclable by returning to us – and our packaging is minimal and recyclable too!

Bottle note bands – clear and stylish naming!

Water bottles are clearly named and far less likely to get lost with our silicone name bands for bottles. We use laser technology to label the bands – so the names are clear and won’t rub off. Your child can choose from a range of 3 different cool fonts too so they can express themselves! We’ve found that laser technology names the water bottle bands in a super stylish way!

Easy to wash and keep clean!

You can keep bottle name bands uk perfectly clean and hygienic – very important with covid and other nasty viruses around! All you need to do is wash your kids’ bottles as usual with the band still in place – either in the dishwasher or else by hand in hot, soapy water. There is no need to remove the band before washing so it’s super easy! Silicone name bands for bottles will come up as good as new after every wash! They are also BPA and chemical free!

Perfect for sports and clubs!

Personalised bottle bands are great for the kids’ bottles for sports and other clubs! Their bottles will be easy to recognise among others with their vibrant bottle note bands on! Whether it’s swimming or orchestra, football or chess club, rubber name bands for water bottles really are the best way to name the kids’ bottles!

The perfect kids’ birthday gift!

Colour bottle bands make amazing kids’ birthday gifts and they are a cheap kids’ gift for a special occasion! All those birthdays at school can get expensive – personalised bottle bands are a cheap kids’ birthday gift that will be useful and won’t get thrown in the bin! Children will be super happy to get such a great birthday present!

Bottle name bands – personalise with an icon!

Bottle bands can be personalised with an icon as well as the name – so your child can choose from a selection of icons shown on our website! There’s something there to suit babies, primary aged children and older kids too as well as adults!

Superb for kids’ with learning difficulties!

Personalised bottle bands are superb for children with learning disabilities and autistic children! Their smooth texture and feel makes them very tactile and if how things feel is something your child is attracted to then our colour bottle bands are perfect! We also offer bottle note bands in pastel colours which can be more calming if your child gets over stimulated by bright colours.

Helps with early literacy!

Bottle bands can help your young child with early literacy! They are something that your child will see frequently if they have one on their bottle and so they will become familiar with the letters. This is a big help when they are just beginning to start learning letters and recognising names!

Avoid your child’s bottle getting mixed up!

Naming your kids’ bottles clearly with a rubber band for water bottles helps to avoid mix ups with other similar bottles – and so helps your child avoid some of the germs and viruses that are spread when lots of fingers touch a bottle! 

Great for adults too!

Our personalised water bottle labels are great for adults too – for the gym or work! We’ve sold our bottle bands to nurses, teachers and gym goers and they are all delighted with them! Don’t let the kids have all the fun – you can have one for your water bottle too!

We hope we’ve convinced you of the benefits of our personalised bottle bands – and our customer reviews speak for themselves! 

Take a look at our website for our bottle name bands, personalised kids’ cutlery and many other kids’ products coming soon!