Best children’s cutlery – make PKS your number 1 choice!

Best children’s cutlery – make PKS your number 1 choice!

Best children’s cutlery – try our collection!

Best children’s cutlery – are you searching for children’s first cutlery or looking for a baby’s first cutlery set? We have some stylish and cool kids’ cutlery for you to choose from! 

Whether you’re looking for a personalised gift for a toddler or personalised baby weaning spoons, we have what you are looking for! 

Our baby led weaning spoons are made from BPA free silicone – which is also free of phthalates and other nasty toxins which are often found in plastic spoons. Silicone is also eco friendly and we offer to recycle any used spoons if you send them back to us!

Silicone is also very tactile and the perfect material for baby’s first weaning spoon! Our baby led weaning spoons are smooth and easy to grip in baby’s hands and enable them to start learning how to feed independently – or with a parent’s help! 

Personalised baby led weaning spoons – fun weaning for little ones!

Our personalised baby led weaning spoons are designed to be fun and are tipped with a friendly animal shape so that baby looks forward to using the spoon at every meal! Our baby weaning spoons are available in calming colours which can help to make mealtimes a more peaceful occasion!

You’ll find that PKS have among the best children’s cutlery! We have personalised toddler cutlery too which makes that step from using a spoon to using a fork as well that bit more fun! If you’re looking for engraved children’s cutlery to make a gift just a bit more special then you’ll be happy to find our personalised children’s cutlery set engraved!

Our older children’s cutlery – suitable for toddlers – is made from BPA free silicone and eco friendly stainless steel. Children’s cutlery sets are all fully recyclable by returning to us. Stainless steel and silicone are very easily cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher – the are extremely durable and will make gift that will stand the test of time and still look great!

Personalised children’s cutlery for toddlers!

Our personalised children’s cutlery uk, designed for toddlers, has super smooth, easy grip silicone handles topped by our friendly animal shape – which makes it even more tempting to use! Stainless steel fork tines are specially shaped to grip food more easily and spoons are perfect for scooping!

Children’s stainless steel cutlery sets uk and personalised baby led weaning spoons are both marked using laser technology – so the name won’t fade or rub off! Babies and young children will benefit from seeing their name frequently – then when it comes to letter and name recognition they’ll have a great head start! We know how to make the best children’s cutlery for your child!

Children’s ergonomic cutlery is extremely useful for babies and toddlers when they are learning to feed themselves! Spoons and children’s training cutlery that fits nicely into little hands makes eating much easier – and less messy for mum or dad! We think carefully about how baby or toddler might grip cutlery and we choose our cutlery set children’s to suit the little ones!

Best children’s cutlery – ideal for travelling!

Our personalised kids’ cutlery also makes an excellent children’s travel cutlery set – it’s so easy to pop into a nappy bag or backpack for outings to the park or even the beach! Even mornings at the shops can benefit from a little toddler snack time – and our children’s training cutlery is perfect for helping feed peckish kids at the shopping mall too!

Children’s cutlery with names is a really great kids’ birthday gift too – it makes a cheap children’s gift that will really be appreciated! It’s always nice to give something that will be useful and will last and the personalisation makes it extra special!

The best children’s cutlery is here at PKS – we think and we hope you will think so too! Our personalised baby led weaning spoons  and our personalised toddler cutlery are both award winning! Our children’s cutlery sets engraved have to undergo rigorous testing to win these awards and so you can be sure that you are buying products you can trust!

Montessori counting toys and Montessori alphabet toys coming soon!

Look out for our other products too – we’ll shortly be introducing our new Montessori counting toys and Montessori fun learning wooden toys! We also have Montessori alphabet toys coming soon!

We’ll also be introducing a new range of silicone bibs, drinking cups for toddlers and silicone toddler snack pots as well as silicone teethers for babies. Watch out for our new personalised products on our website!

Added to the best children’s cutlery we also offer our award winning, ever popular personalised bottle bands – the most stylish way to label your child’s water bottle for school, pre school or nursery!

Have a look in our shop for children’s cutlery personalised, water bottle name bands and more coming soon!