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Plain Montessori Emotion (Mood) Cards

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    Meet the Mood Mob! Fantastic wooden flashcards marked with expressive emotion faces to help your kids easily identify and communicate their emotions! Your little ones will never be lost for words about how they feel with these friendly character cards!


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    Plain Montessori Emotion (Mood) Cards
    Plain Montessori Emotion (Mood) Cards
    Plain Montessori Emotion (Mood) Cards
    Plain Montessori Emotion (Mood) Cards

    Plain Montessori Emotion (Mood) Cards Details

    Plain Montessori Emotion (Mood) Cards

    Help your child express their emotions with our Mood Mob Emotion Cards! Our wooden cards enable your child to identify and talk about how they are feeling - each card is marked with an emotion face and appropriate emotion name.

    It’s so important for your child to be able to talk about different emotions and our Mood Mob characters are designed to make conversations about feelings so much easier! 

    Frustration and unhappiness can sometimes build up in children who feel unable to find ways of expressing their emotions! Our brilliant Mood Mob Emotion Cards are designed to let your children effortlessly identify and talk about how they are feeing. This is the first step to finding effective  strategies to manage difficult emotions!

    Each set of 12 Emotion Cards illustrate the following emotions:

    • Happy
    • Sad
    • Shy
    • Excited
    • Confused
    • Scared
    • Worried
    • Angry
    • Nervous
    • Tired
    • Loved
    • Curious

    Cards and bag weigh less than 200gsm.

    Further Info

    They can also be used as part of storytelling or as creative writing prompts for older children. They are perfect for children with special needs who may find it harder to express how they feel.

    Montessori inspired, our Mood Mob Emotion Cards are made from recyclable wood and come complete with a soft cotton bag for your child to store them in. This handy, washable bag comes with a wooden tag marked with the words ‘The Mood Mob’ - practical, creative and cool!

    We make them to last - they are highly durable and won’t bend as cardboard cards often do!

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    I Have Questions

    Is this set personalised?

    This set just contains the Emotion Cards, it’s not personalised for your child or any family members. Still excellent as an aid for your child to help them express emotions, the cards are also brilliant story telling prompts.

    Can you replace a card I’ve lost from the set?

    Unfortunately the cards come as a set so we can’t usually replace just one. However, it’s always worth emailing us just in case we can help.

    How long will my cards take to come?

    Delivery usually takes 5-7 working days from the time of ordering. However, at certain times of the year we may be especially busy, in which case it might take a little longer to get your order to you. We’ll put a note on the website if delivery is taking longer at any particular time.

    How do I clean the mood cards?

    Easily! The mood cards are made of wood so they can be wiped with a cloth or washed in warm, soapy water.

    Do you sell other Montessori style games?

    Yes! Have a look at our website. We’ve got some other lovely Montessori educational games for your child to enjoy.