You’ll love our superb personalised silicone baby bibs – coming soon!

Feeding Trays

Here at PKS we are always on the lookout for new products that will work for you, our valued customers – and most importantly for your children! We have strict testing and style guidelines to be sure that we only bring you the most stylish, cool, safe and durable kids’ products, so sometimes we can’t be sure exactly what will be coming next! We can give you an idea though of the sorts of things we are looking at bringing onto our site – if they pass the stringent tests we have in place for all products!

Get ready for…..Personalised silicone bibs!

You can definitely expect us to be bringing you personalised silicone bibs – we realise that these are a really useful and practical product so we want to get these onto our site as soon as possible!

Silicone is an ideal material for the bibs – and our other products – because:

  • It’s durable 
  • It’s easy to wash or wipe and keep clean
  • It has great tactile qualities 
  • It’s eco friendly – we can recycle our silicone products if you return them to us
  • The colours don’t fade and won’t stain 
  • It looks stylish and super cool!
  • It’s BPA and phthalate free – so no nasty chemicals!

If you’d like to know more about silicone please have a look at our silicone blog.

Kid with Bottle Band

Our bibs are for babies from 6 months – right up to 18 months old. They have adjustable buttons that fit behind your little one’s neck so you can make the bib larger or smaller to fit your child.  They are fully personalised – you can choose from a selection of three different fonts.  Your little tot will love looking at the letters that make up their name and slowly becoming familiar with them – this kind of constant exposure is the best way for them to start recognising letters! After having personalised bibs they’ll really have a head start for the journey to literacy.

Our personalised baby bibs have a wide lip at the bottom to capture those escaping morsels of food – which helps you as a parent a lot when you are clearing up! We all know how much mess can be involved in toddler and baby mealtimes so things like this are a really big help!

We know there are lots of different sorts of bibs on the market – and of course you have to pick what works for you – but we have tested our silicone baby and toddler bibs rigorously and we know they are extremely good at withstanding the wear and tear a toddler might give them – so we’re convinced that not only are they snazzy and super cool but also long lasting and will clean up to look just like new time after time!

These silicone bibs would also make ideal gifts – either cool baby gifts if you’re planning ahead to weaning – or a great gift for babies 6 – 12 months.  Think about toddler birthday gifts or presents for special occasions and get really organised – any little one will love to get one of our personalised bibs.  You can choose from a range of calm pastel colours – designed to help make mealtimes as peaceful as possible! At PKS we aim to help parents too!

So we can promise to be bringing you personalised toddler bibs this spring – how about other products that are undergoing testing? Well we can’t promise that we’ll be adding these products to our selection – they have to meet our strict requirements – but we thought we’d give you an idea of the sorts of things we are testing that might possibly make the grade.  So we have in the pipeline….

Silicone Feeding Bibs

Stunningly stylish personalised silicone suction plates!

We all know the scenario of the toddler or baby picking up their plate and tipping the contents all over the floor! Meal time with your little ones can mean lots of clearing up of spilled food – these personalised suction plates are a really smart, practical way of preventing that classic toddler trick!   Suction plates are not a new idea of course but we are planning on fully personalised, silicone suction plates that your bundle of fun will really love having as their own.  It can be tricky encouraging babies and toddlers to enjoy their food and providing a plate that is really attractive to little ones is a must – it has to be easy to use and fun to capture their imaginations!

We know that silicone is a wonderful material for suction plates because of its smooth, silky feel which is alluring for little fingers. It’s also really good at remaining in tip top condition even after a lot of toddler bashing and tomato ketchup! A quick wash in hot, soapy water and it’s back to pristine condition again. It’s really hard to damage or tear – even for the more determined youngsters!  So should we bring personalised silicone suction plates into our range then you can be sure that they will be staying with you in great shape for a long time to come! And they will be sticking close to the table rather than flying onto a wall!

Our toddler suction plates would – most importantly – be laser marked with the name of your choice, from a selection of three different and engaging fonts.  We intend to provide a range of peaceful pastel colours for you and your little tot to choose from, helping to make mealtimes as chilled out as possible! We know that muted colours promote a calm environment – this can also be really helpful if your child has a special need that makes them easily over stimulated. The tactile quality of the silicone can be soothing to children who feel calmed by smooth textures.

At the moment we’re considering making our personalised, eco friendly suction plates in an animal design to make them extra enticing for little imaginations.  If you’ve looked at our silicone baby led weaning spoons or our stainless steel and silicone cutlery set then you’ll know they are tipped with an animal motif – we think that helps to make them fun and playful as well as familiar and non threatening for tiny tots.  We hope that the silicone suction plates will have similar animal themes – but we can’t be entirely sure at the moment of course because the product is still in the very important stage of development.  We place great importance on our strict testing procedures to ensure that every product we bring you does what it says it will do, is ultra safe and supremely stylish!

Kids at table with water bottles

Personalised silicone kids’ ID bands

Another idea we are working on is personalised silicone ID bands. Remember that awful feeling when your little one just isn’t there when you look round? You only stopped for a second to look at your phone and your tiny youngster has just disappeared!  That terrifying scenario…..well we are hoping that our personalised silicone ID bands will be a big help! 

These silicone bands would fit comfortably around your child’s wrist and could be marked with whatever text you choose – if you didn’t want your child’s name on the band you could have a contact number.  In addition they would be really great for kids with certain medical conditions – diabetes for example, or asthma.  This might be really useful if your child was at a holiday camp or even just in school, as an added measure to alert people to their condition.

Great for school trips too! You might feel better about knowing that your child is on the loose in the school bus – on the way to see a Roman ruin or for a trip to the zoo – if they are wearing an ID band.  It can be a real worry when your child goes off for the day but you’ll feel better if you’ve given them an identity band to wear.

Kid with drinking bottle

We hope to make personalised kids’ ID bands in an attractive range of colours so that they are a super cool and fun accessory for a child – kids love something new and different! and the silicone feels so smooth on the skin tit shouldn’t rub or chafe.  Silicone really is the miracle eco friendly material with its durability – you don’t want something that you have to throw away within a few weeks of buying. Remember also that we’ll recycle all of our silicone products once you have finished with them!

So those are the ideas that we at Personalised Kids’ Stuff have in the pipeline – you’ll certainly be seeing personalised silicone bibs on our site very soon! Once we’ve completed testing to make sure the products are perfect in every way we hope to bring you more!

We’re constantly working to expand our selection of wonderful kids’ products to delight you and your kids and we welcome ideas so if you have an idea you’d like to see on our site then please let us know!  We really value you, our customers and we’ll only bring the very best products to you!

Please enjoy our site and our fantastic personalised products and keep your eyes open for the new products coming soon!

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