From Labelistas to Personalised Kids’ Stuff

Kid with Bottle and Bottle Band

How PKS was born – we started with personalised bottle bands

We started as Labelistas with personalised bottle bands, which were our first product.

So you walk the same way each day.  That route works, it’s absolutely fine. When you started to go that way it was all new. You had to learn to avoid the bumps in the road, the uneven surfaces, the broken tarmac – but now you know it well.

There are plenty of other ways to try though to get where you want to go.  The transition from Labelistas to PKS was the start of a new route.

A new, wider range of products

You may know the name Labelistas for its award winning product, personalised silicone bottle name bands. Labelistas was our founder, Michelle’s first venture.

Labelistas had been built from scratch, inspired by the frustration of having to repeatedly stick labels on bottles for school and pre school before that.  Labelistas had been a first venture, stemming from a great idea, one that paved the way for an expanded range of kids’ products.

Like artists we had started with one sketch and that sketch allowed us to progress to a more comprehensive piece. That piece is PKS and this is how PKS was conceived.  PKS – Personalised Kids’ Stuff.

Personalisation – a key element

The idea of personalisation remains our trademark, as does the use of silicone as a material for many of our products. Labelistas was the seed from which PKS has grown. We gained a lot of experience through Labelistas – about manufacturing the products, marketing, advertising and about you, the people who buy our products.

This experience provided an excellent foundation for setting up PKS with its new range of products for kids – products that also make ideal gifts for babies, toddlers and older children!  Products that we make largely from…..

Silicone! An essential ingredient in our products

Silicone! We love it! It has many advantages, being tactile, easily cleaned, BPA and phosphate free, durable and recyclable, so an eco friendly material. In our new range we use silicone together with stainless steel, another very easy to clean, planet friendly material. If you’d like to know more about silicone please have a look at our blog page where we talk about it in more detail.

Bottle Bands

Winning the gold award from Made for Mums

The bottle bands produced under the Labelistas name were extremely popular, so much so that in 2020 they won a gold award from Made for Mums.  If you are a parent, you may well be familiar with Made for Mums, a website which offers reviews and recommendations on products for families – from breastfeeding pumps to information on extra tuition at school. 

The judges stated that the bottle bands combined ‘functionality and charming style’ and saying that they thought that they were ‘practical…… and good value’.  After such success and recognition, when Michelle started PKS she knew that the silicone bottle bands had earned their place on the website!

Bottle bands became Name Bands with PKS and we know they will quickly become a ‘must have’ item for any child at school or preschool, even for babies at nursery. Name Bands are so great because:

  • They are a durable way to name kids’ water bottles
  • They look super cool!
  • They ensure your child keeps their kit – so stemming the spread of germs from others touching the bottle
  • They are good for all ages
  • They can be washed on the bottle in the dishwasher

So what are the new products?

As well as the personalised name bands, in our PKS range we also have exciting new products for babies and children in their early years right through to school age. 

Again, the emphasis is on personalisation, practicality, cleanliness and keeping the products as chemical free as possible whilst being as environmentally friendly as we can. We want these products to be loved both by kids AND by their parents. They are of course super stylish and make totally cool kids’ presents too!  Our products can also be recycled if you return them to us for specialist recycling.

Lots of water bottles

So you want gifts for babies 6-12 months?

 For babies just starting to wean we have personalised baby led weaning spoons that are tactile and attractive, ideal to tempt tiny tots into trying new foods – and ideal for mums and dads who are finding out when to start weaning baby! These are suitable for use from 6 months, ideal baby weaning utensils.

Weaning can be nerve wracking

We know it can be a nerve wracking experience letting babies try to feed themselves, so our personalised silicone baby spoons are designed to be easy for them to grab and grasp – as well as making it easy for parents to tempt them!  They are moulded to make it easy for tiny hands to hold, and tiny tots will love the animal silhouette tipping each spoon.

They are so attractive that babies will just want to grab them, and they also make great baby gifts!   Have a look at our product pages for a full description and colour selection.

For more independent tots

For tots growing in independence we have personalised silicone and stainless steel children’s cutlery designed for maximum mouth temptation and fun. All fully personalised with your choice of lettering of course, and tipped by our friendly animal silhouette. Designed for minimum tension at the table but also maximum temptation for tots!

Our colour ranges are also designed for mellow mealtimes, with kids’ cutlery sets available in a choice of raindrop blue or dusky pink. We hope the pastel shades encourage calm at the table and make mealtimes a relaxing time for tots to experiment with new foods.

Of course all of our products are fully personalised with your choice of lettering. Kids using the products will learn to recognise their own names and this will give them a head start on the road to literacy!  An easy and fun way to learn without effort! To find out more details about lettering please see our product pages.

PKS cutlery and tray

An extended range of colours for Name Bands

Older children will love the extended range of colours now available for our bottle Name Bands. We are continuing to offer a selection of the bold, bright colours the original bottle bands came in – but we have also added a choice of calmer pastel shades to appeal to every taste!  So we think there is a colour to suit every child. 

Are you searching for a waterproof bottle label? These are perfect for you.  Do you need a personalised baby bottle band, or a name band for a much older child’s sports bottle?  Or a school bottle name band?  Look no further. 

We have the solution you have been searching for.  We hope our Name Bands will be popular with children of all ages, from babies to teenagers.  Everyone needs to keep their kit!

An increased range of icons

We have also increased the range of icons there are to choose from alongside the lettering so that children of all ages will find something that appeals to them. The bands  – and our other products – are clearly personalised using laser technology, which has so many advantages. 

This means the names are permanently marked in a clear and attractive way – forget printed names that rub off – our laser marked names will last as long as the products! Which will be a very long time as they are extremely durable. 

Bottle Band Colours

We also have more products in the pipeline so watch this space……

We hope that you like our new range of carefully thought out products, we know your lives are busy and we want to provide products that enhance them.  We know that PKS will soon becomes the ‘go to’ for kids’ products!

We are PKS! Personalised Kids’ Stuff. Intelligent kids’ products that combine style and practicality, products that work for you!

Enjoy our website and product pages – don’t forget to keep an eye out for more of our personalised products and see our range continue to grow!

Bottle Bands inside cups