Stainless Steel vs Plastic Water Bottles

Stainless Steel vs Plastic Water Bottles
For years we’ve been used to being able to buy a huge variety of plastic water bottles, and they are widely available in many stores and online marketplaces. Plastic bottles are cheap, light and often colourful, appealing to adults and kids alike.

Stainless steel water bottles, however, offer many superior benefits. We’ve come up with just a few reasons why you should choose a stainless steel water bottle over a plastic one:

Stainless steel water bottles are more eco friendly

Stainless steel is fully recyclable, unlike plastic which takes many years to break down. The worst culprits are, of course, single use plastic bottles, many of which litter our seas and often injure, maim and kill wildlife. Reusable plastic water bottles are also a big problem though because they take so long to decompose - many, many years. If discarded, they slowly leach chemicals into the seas and our environment, doing untold damage.

Stainless steel is 100% recyclable and will not adversely affect our environment. It’s definitely the best eco-friendly option.

Plastic water bottles can be bad for your health

Plastic bottles often contain a chemical called BPA - Bisphenol A. This has the potential to cause hormonal problems, metabolic issues, fertility and cardiovascular problems. Drinking water from plastic bottles that contain BPA can allow the chemical to leach into your body; unlined stainless steel water bottles, on the other hand, do not contain BPA.

man drinking plastic water bottle

Stainless steel water bottles do sometimes contain small plastic components, such as a straw or spout.

It is possible to get BPA free plastic bottles, but these often contain other chemicals that are bad for health. Stainless steel is unadulterated by chemicals and is therefore a much better choice for you water bottle.

Stainless steel water bottles are more durable

Plastic water bottles are easily broken or squashed - especially by children! It only takes a child dropping their water bottle at the school gate to damage it so that it leaks - or worse, explodes all over their uniform!

Stainless steel water bottles are far more durable and sturdy, they will withstand bumps and drops with very little damage. They certainly won’t split open or crack as plastic bottles can. The life of your stainless steel water bottle will, without doubt, be far longer than that of a plastic water bottle.

Stainless steel water bottles are better value for money in the long term

Yes, plastic water bottles are far cheaper in general. So it’s tempting to just grab a plastic bottle off the shelf, or order it up online. Seems like a good deal and less of a dent on your pocket…..but it won’t last half as long as a stainless steel bottle. So you’ll be buying many more plastic water bottles, adding pollution to the environment as you discard them.

Saving Money Piggy Bank

By contrast, purchase a reasonable priced stainless steel water bottle and you’ll be investing in a bottle that will give you good value for money over time. The initial expense will, of course, be greater, but your bottle will last and pay for itself with longevity. A bit like buying one really good piece of clothing that’s a bit more expensive, or lots of cheaper items that you end up throwing away….the more expensive item will be the one in your wardrobe giving you pleasure year after year.

Stainless steel bottles keep liquids hot or cold

Plastic water bottles don’t have the capacity to keep your drinks hot or cold. In hot weather your drink will warm up inside a plastic bottle, even if you add ice this will only keep it cold for a short time. Stainless steel water bottles can keep drinks warm or cool for 10 hours or more, meaning that your ice cold refreshment will still be chilled when you want it during the course of your day, or throughout your sporting event.

With a plastic bottle, on a hot day you’ll be drinking warm water before too long, so stainless steel is a much better option for optimum refreshment!

hot drink from stainless steel bottle

Plastic water bottles don’t give you the option to store hot liquids, whereas your stainless steel water bottle will give you a hot cup of tea or mug of soup during the day if you so desire. You just have to make sure that you don’t fill your bottle with boiling liquids, or anything that can scald or burn. They do retain heat extremely well so make sure you test the temperature of your drink before you pour it into the bottle.

Stainless steel water bottles look so much more stylish

Not only do they last longer and in better condition, they also look so much better! Stainless steel bottles often come powder coated which gives you a good grip; this coating also means that your bottle can come in a wonderful variety of colours!

Stainless steel water bottles have a classic look, a simplicity that is uncomplicated to the eye, and a sense of style that is timeless. They make excellent gifts for any occasion.

Plastic bottles can also look good but in our opinion just don’t have the clean, stylish lines and tactile texture of the stainless steel water bottle.

Your cupboard will be more organised

Don’t you hate having all those plastic water bottles falling over in your cupboards or on your shelves? When they’re empty they just won’t stand up straight and insist on knocking each other over in a very quarrelsome manner. You open the cupboard and they burst out, lids flying, eager to escape from the confines of the cupboard and skedaddle all over your floor, only for you to have to chase around after them.

Stainless steel water bottles, by contrast, are very well behaved on the shelf. They stand exactly where they are put, lids firmly screwed on, and you know just where to get them when you want them. Added to that, they actually add style to your kitchen, so they won’t look scrappy on the draining board or on the worktop. Which will add greatly to your general sense of peace and calm.

We don’t think there’s any contest here - stainless steel water bottles are far superior to plastic ones on every count. By buying a stainless steel water bottle you’ll be helping safeguard the environment, doing the best for your own and your family’s health, buying a bottle that’s durable and stylish as well as good value for money. But don’t take our word for it - try a stainless steel water bottle for yourself!

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