10 benefits of using stainless steel water bottles

10 benefits of using stainless steel water bottles

Faced with a baffling array of water bottles to choose from, which sort should you pick? Of course plastic water bottles are cheaper, but are they the best option? How about glass?

We know that stainless steel water bottles are a great choice for everyone. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. They’re BPA and toxin free!

Yes, that’s right, stainless steel water bottles are better for your health.

You might have heard of BPA - Bisphenol A - but do you know much about it?

In fact, BPA is a chemical found in many plastic and household items. It can be absorbed into the body through eating and drinking food or liquids contained in plastic, or even by touching the containers and then putting hands into the mouth.

Why do we want to avoid BPA? 

Well, while research shows that the low levels of BPA that most people have in their bodies are unlikely to be seriously harmful, it also shows that BPA can interfere with the functioning of some of the body’s systems.  For example, the endocrine system, and consequently hormones, can be affected by increased levels of BPA.

Studies also show that cardiovascular health, reproductive health and many other body systems could be affected by the ingestion of BPA.

There is ongoing research into the effects of BPA, but it seems sensible to minimise our exposure to it if possible. 

One of the ways we can avoid BPA is drinking from stainless steel water bottles!  We can also buy stainless steel water bottles for our children to ensure that they aren’t also drinking potentially harmful chemicals!

 2. Better for the environment!

We desperately need to persist in finding ways to reduce environmental damage in order to try and keep our planet from further deterioration.  Plastic water bottles, especially the single use ones, are a huge source of environmental pollution.  They do not break down: they are found in our seas and waterways as well as in our countryside, harming these environments and the wildlife and fish populating them.

Stainless steel water bottles are durable and reusable, they can also be easily recycled.  They are therefore a much more planet friendly option for your own, or your child’s water bottle.

There are, undoubtedly, costs of energy and materials used in the production of stainless steel water bottles:  however their benefits in terms of longevity and recyclability greatly outweigh these.

3. Very easy to keep clean

So easy to wash, by hand or in a machine - keeping a stainless steel water bottle hygienically clean is very simple.  The material itself has a super-clean feel, unlike plastic which has a duller texture and certainly feels less pure.

4. The durable option

How long does your plastic water bottle last before it either cracks or starts to look dishevelled?  In our experience, not long at all.  Especially the way kids treat their bottles!  Who hasn’t seen a child drop their plastic water bottle in the playground, leaving them with a cracked, leaking bottle, leaching their precious day’s water over the concrete, to be trampled by a small army of thundering feet?

Stainless steel water bottles aren’t immune to damage, we know they can suffer a dent or two after a heavy fall or bash.  However they won’t crack or, spill their contents unless the top is left off!

They are also much longer lasting - your stainless steel water bottles should have a long, useful life of service.

5. They won’t squash and spill in your bag

Plastic bottles, especially children’s ones, are often more easily squashed inside a bag, which can leave everything else soaked.  Not an ideal start to a school day, especially if workbooks are spoiled!

Stainless steel water bottles remain rigid and won’t squash.  There’s no chance of the bag’s contents getting wet unless you’ve left the lid undone!

6. Stainless steel water bottles won’t stain or retain flavours

Can you recall when you’ve filled your plastic water bottle with something like squash, then, despite washing, you can still vaguely smell it when you next use it? Sound familiar?

Plastic bottles can absorb and retain strong flavours and smells despite washing.  Not so stainless steel ones…..

Obviously water is the best drink, but if you do decide to fill your stainless steel bottle with something other than water, you can be sure that it won’t retain the smell of the last drink, and additionally it won’t stain either.  So every drink will be perfectly fresh.

7. Better cost effectiveness

Ok, so we know that stainless steel water bottles are generally more expensive initially.  You might baulk at spending the extra for your child’s water bottle when plastic ones sold alongside seem cheaper.

However, when you look at how long your water bottle will last, in good condition, there is no question that stainless steel water bottles will give you much greater value for money in terms of longevity.  They are very resilient and will serve you well for many, many uses whilst remaining in great looking condition.

Which brings us to the next benefit…….

8. Stainless steel water bottles just look so much better!

Put a plastic water bottle side by side with a stainless steel one.  There can be no doubt which looks better!  Stainless steel water bottles have clean, structured lines, architectural simplicity and to add to that the tactile qualities that make them almost iconic.

We don’t think that too many people would choose the plastic bottle over the stainless steel one! 

There are certain products that can change your mood when you use them and we believe that stainless steel water bottles belong in that category. When you use a stainless steel water bottle for the gym, don’t you feel just a little bit superior and cool compared to those people using plastic bottles?  Doesn’t popping a stainless steel water bottle into your child’s schoolbag make you feel a slightly better parent somehow? 

It’s true: stainless steel water bottles look super cool; they say that you’re a winner.

Not only do you look like a winner but…..

9. Drinks taste so much better!

Water really does have a cleaner, more refreshing taste from stainless steel water bottles as opposed to the way it tastes from a plastic bottle.  From a plastic bottle water is liquid - from a stainless steel bottle, water is satisfying, thirst quenching hydration!

Stainless steel water bottles can keep drinks warm or cool for several hours.  In fact, we’ve found that our stainless steel water bottles when filled with iced water, then stored in a hot car, carried on a long journey, then opened up hours later will still provide an ice cold drink. 

They really are unrivalled when it comes to the way your drink tastes.  No luke-warm drinks from these bottles!

10. Stainless steel bottles make better gifts

You could give a plastic bottle as a gift, but it would more likely be an additional stocking filler or extra present.  However, stainless steel water bottles are a gift in themselves - useful, stylish and a fairly cheap yet luxurious gift to give.  If you give a stainless steel water bottle, you’re giving quality, utility and effortlessly cool practicality.

Personalised stainless steel water bottles add something even more special, a very personal and completely unique present.

In conclusion, we think it’s a no brainer…..stainless steel water bottles are better than plastic ones in every way.  Next time you’re buying a new water bottle, invest in longevity, the environment, style.  There’s no other reasonable choice.  The only good option is a stainless steel one.

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