Personalised kids’ cutlery – the perfect party gift!

Stainless Steel Fork

Our personalised kids’ cutlery is perfect as a gift for a kids’ party!

Personalised kids’ cutlery could be just what you are looking for if you’re looking for kids’ party gifts!

Now covid restrictions have lifted a lot and we’re finally heading for some summer weather, it’s time to start organising kids’ parties again! The last year has been so limiting for everyone including kids!  

Possibilities are now opening up for parties and you might be wondering what to do for your kids if they have a birthday in the summer months! Whether it’s a big bash or a small gathering we have some ideas that might help!

Personalised kids’ cutlery

Personalised kids’ cutlery – the perfect gift for a toddler!

When it comes to toddler birthday gifts, why not try our personalised kids’ cutlery? It makes a reasonably cheap kids’ gift and it’ll be a lovely surprise for any child!  For babies from 6 months, we have personalised silicone baby led weaning spoons in calm pastel colours, with lettering of your choice. 

For slightly older kids, from 12 months, we have personalised toddler cutlery sets that will help them to feel really grown up! A brilliant birthday gift for a 1 or 2 year old boy or girl. This personalised silicone and stainless steel spoon and fork set is the ideal gift for a child who wants to be in control of their eating!

The personalisation also means that they are regularly looking at the letters of their name and getting familiar with them which is a great way to start them off on the literacy journey!

Personalised kids’ cutlery

Try some traditional party games!

If you want to go for some traditional party games, now’s the time! Kids of this age will be able to enjoy some of the games you might have played as a child!

Pass the parcel, musical bumps, grandma’s footsteps – toddlers will begin to understand how some of these games work and they’ll be able to enjoy them! It really helps if you have a few older children on hand to help demonstrate!

Treasure hunts are a brilliant way to keep the kids occupied at a pre-schooler’s party – ideally use the garden for these to avoid lots of chaos in the house! Children love hunting for things, just remember how many things you have hidden!

If you don’t want to do organised games then a great idea is to set a garden or open space out with ‘play stations’ – one could be a sand pit, one a ball pit, a dancing area, a football goal, some ride-on toys and perhaps an art or craft table – these are brilliant for toddlers!  Then they can freely move between activities and choose what they want to do.

Lots of children prefer unstructured activities like this that they can try at their own pace and they can be easier to organise than structured games! You do need a nice sunny day though which can be harder to arrange! A really good tip is to have a bubble machine on hand – kids and adults love these and they provide an endless stream of bubbles to have fun with!

Personalised kids’ cutlery and fruit

Personalised bottle bands – great for a party too!

Once you know the names of the kids attending the party you can even order them each a personalised silicone bottle label to put on their water bottles or beakers at the party so they don’t get them mixed up!

All the kids will love these personalised bottle bands – they come in a range of 9 colours that kids will adore! They’ll love the feel of the smooth silicone when they grip and hold the bottle and they’ll certainly know which one is theirs! A great take home gift too that will be useful at pre-school or nursery.

Personalised bottle note bands also make fantastic kids’ birthday gifts!

What about a themed party?

Toddlers and pre-schoolers often have favourite cartoon or storybook characters that they love and a dressing up party can be really fun at this age. You can get them to dress in whatever they like, or provide a theme as a guide.

Just remember that not every kid likes dressing up so always give the option of coming in whatever clothes they like. You’ll also need balloons – lots of them! Make sure you get a balloon pump or you’ll run out of puff before the party starts!

If you are going for the themed party approach you can go the whole way and have themed food too! How about a Mad Hatter’s tea party with a crazy hat theme? Ideal for a summer’s day in the garden or at the park!

Personalised kids’ cutlery comes in pastel shades of blue and pink and is tipped with a friendly animal motif. If you do decide to give this as a toddler’s party gift then be sure they open the present before the eating starts!

Kids with Pizza and water bottles

Sometimes a party entertainer can be invaluable!

It certainly takes the pressure off parents to have an entertainment arranged – it really depends if you’re happy to get involved and get exhausted or whether you prefer to sit back and watch the fun while sipping a drink!

A simple and fairly cheap idea for entertaining the kids is to hire a face painter – they can paint the kids’ faces in an animal theme then they can have fun racing around as wild animals!

Even better, get the face painter to paint the kids as jungle animals and have a Jungle Book themed party! You can play ‘guess the animal’ and calm things down with a story!

Of course when kids get to school age the kids’ party scene explodes – in the first year of school lots of children will have parties and your child will start to have a bigger social life than you!

Keep in mind that you’ll need a present budget and have some ideas for cheap birthday gifts that still bring that wow factor! Personalised silicone bottle bands are perfect as a kids’ birthday gift at any age, they are really reasonably priced and super stylish! You’ll never go wrong if you give one of these as a present!

If your kids are reception age then sports parties are a good option – you might want to find a football party person or a tennis coach for a tennis party. They are used to kids of different ages and know exactly how to keep them entertained and burning energy!  

At reception age you can still go for the traditional disco party or even a park party with outdoor games – but it’s often a lot easier to have a professional to lead the fun! It doesn’t have to be a loud party entertainer but having someone in charge is a big help – especially if you have 20 or so kids running about!

You’ll have your work cut out providing food and drink at this age!  A really good idea is to provide party food in a box so each child has their own portion – this also minimises the spread of germs!

Kids with water bottles and bottle bands

Personalised bottle bands – great for school age kids too!

Again, personalised bottle bands are great on water bottles at a party for reception age kids – why not give them out instead of spending money on party bags?

Personalised kids’ cutlery makes a great toddler birthday gift from a grandparent if you’re stuck for gift ideas! Even better add a personalised bottle label too and you will be giving a unique and useful birthday gift!

We hope we’ve given you a few ideas for parties for young children – there are plenty of party entertainers who will take the pressure off you if you don’t want to do it all yourself!

For personalised kids’ cutlery, personalised bottle bands and other products, have a look in our shop. You won’t be disappointed! Our products are award winning, noted for their quality, style, practicality and durability!