Personalised bottle labels – perfect for your staycation!


Personalised bottle labels – helping you get organised on your staycation!

With the restrictions on travel as they are at the moment in the UK, lots of us are going to be having staycations rather than going on holidays abroad! If you are going to be staying at home or holidaying in the UK then we’ve come up with some great ideas to fill your days with the kids! You’ll definitely need their personalised bottle labels too though to make certain your kids don’t lose their water bottles while having fun!


Personalised bottle labels at the beach

Days at the beach aren’t just for hot holidays abroad! The UK has some great coastline and beaches! They might not be as hot as southern Spain – you never know! – but they can be just as beautiful and just as much fun!

Beach fun for kids in the UK could mean rock pooling, looking for crabs, finding shells, building sandcastles and of course paddling in the sea! Your kids will need shoes suitable for walking on rocks and shingle, warm things to put on if it’s chilly and you’ll still need sunscreen even if it’s cloudy! Plenty of water and snacks – personalised bottle labels are great for naming water bottles so they’ll be easy to spot on the sand!

Brilliant beaches in the south of England include Holkham in Norfolk, Mersea Island in Essex, Walberswick in Suffolk, Durdle Door in Dorset, Pedn Vounder in Cornwall, Whitstable in Kent – and many more!

In the north of England, Blackpool Beach is a classic sandy beach and it’s a super fun place for the kids to enjoy themselves!

Go to a local museum!

Is there a museum near where you live or where you are staying? Too often we think of the big museums in cities when we want to take the kids out for a look into history or science.

There are plenty of local museums just waiting to be spotted! Visiting a local museum can help your kids to understand more about the area they live in and learn a bit about the people that lived there in the past too.

Great local museums include the Leigh Heritage Centre and Museum in Leigh on Sea – this one is brilliant for helping your kids understand what it was like for a fisherman and his family living and working in the fishing industry.

Stow Maries Great War Aerodrome is a fantastic place to visit with the kids – you can have a tour of the remaining RAF operations buildings and the aerodrome which is still open for small planes!

If you’re in Dorset, Tyneham Village is a deserted village in the middle of the tank ranges – it was evacuated during the war in 1943 and no one ever returned to it! You can still see the school, church and some of the homes that were abandoned.

If you’re in northern England, Grassington Folk Museum is a great little museum where the kids can learn about mining and how people used to live and work in the Yorkshire countryside!

Just a few local museums – there are so many more in every county! Don’t forget the kids’ personalised bottle labels on their water bottles for that easy to grab hydration on your day out!

kids, grass and water bottles with bottle bands

Pitch a tent for a night in the garden

Pick a night when the weather looks good! Your kids will love the fun of helping to put up the tent and getting everything ready to go inside it for a night of adventure in the wilds of the garden!

It might just be the garden – with a toilet just a short dash away – but you can still create a feeling of intrepid exploration! Plan to cook a meal outside and play some garden games! If you’re lucky you might even spot some bats flying around catching insects!

You’ll need your tent and bedding and some warm clothes too! Something to cook on – a camping stove or a BBQ! Some insect repellent might be a good idea too!

PKS personalised kids’ cutlery is ideal for toddlers to eat with and they won’t forget whose is whose because kids’ spoon and fork sets are clearly marked with their names!

Personalised bottle labels are also ideal for your kids’ water bottles – and they come in lots of colours although we can’t promise that they will light up in the dark!

Go for a bike ride or teach your child to ride a bike!

Can your child ride a bike? Now you’re on staycation you’ve got time to spend teaching your kids if they haven’t already mastered it! If they can already ride then now’s the time to go on some longer, more adventurous rides. They’ll soon get the bicycling bug and they’ll have it for life!

Personalised bottle labels on a water bottle are easy to carry on a bike! Perfect for quenching thirst after all that riding!

A day trip to a forest

If it’s a hot day and you want some shade, or if it’s a rainy day and you want some shelter, a trip to the forest is a must on any staycation!

Your kids will love exploring the forest with you, having a go at building dens, watching out for wildlife and even playing hide and seek amongst the trees!

There’s nothing quite as peaceful and calming as a forest and you can let the kids run around as much as they like!

Personalised bottle labels on a water bottle are fantastic for taking on your day trip to the forest! Your kids water bottles will be super easy to see and hold with these silicone bottle bands on them!

Old Ruin

Visit a castle or a ruin

Kids love a castle and a ruin works just as well! Let their imaginations run riot as they walk around a castle and walk in the shoes of the people who once lived there!

Hadleigh Castle in Essex is a picturesque ruin romantically set on a hill overlooking the estuary. Ideal as a spectacular end to a coastal walk!

Rochester Castle in Kent is a great place to visit if your kids like medieval ruins or try Whitby Abbey in Yorkshire!

Indoor Garden

Visit an RHS or National Trust garden!

There are lots of National Trust properties with gardens and masses of open space for kids to let off steam! The National Trust often runs special events and garden trails for kids to enjoy!

Try the Blickling Estate, Norfolk which has winding paths, a secret garden and tunnels for kids to explore!

If you’re in the North, try Cragside, Northumberland – lots of rhododendrons and forest trails!

RHS gardens are also fascinating for kids and often have really cool playgrounds and events for kids! Try RHS Hyde Hall in Essex and your kids can enjoy the wooden castle and slides as well as learn how to grow vegetables!

Kid with bottle band on water bottle

Go to an open air cinema or theatre!

Lots of parks are putting on open air cinemas and theatres for families to enjoy. Why not check out your local park’s website and see what’s on?

An evening in the park is a great opportunity for a picnic – don’t forget your personalised toddler spoon and fork set if you have little ones, or one of our silicone baby led weaning spoons for a baby just learning to feed themselves!

Personalised bottle labels are a must for your kids’ water bottles on an evening picnic – they won’t get mixed up and they shouldn’t get lost!

Having a staycation might even make you want to explore the UK more – there is so much to do and see right on your doorstep. You don’t need to get on a plane to get away!

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