Getting back to the term time routine – 10 top tips to help you get organised!

Getting back to the term time routine – 10 top tips to help you get organised!

Getting back to the term time routine can be hard!

Getting a good term time routine can be hard after the flexibility of the holidays! Going back is quite a big change – and even more so if your child is starting school for the first time!

If you have found it a bit of a shock, you’re not alone! More so this time – for over a year we’ve lived with the restrictions from Covid which also meant limitations on after school clubs and activities and a low key pick up and drop off at school. Now though everything is suddenly ‘back to normal’ and it can be quite overwhelming!

We’ve come up with some ideas to help you get into a good term time routine!

Get a regular bedtime and wake up time schedule!

Reining in those late nights and getting the kids to bed at a regular time so they get enough sleep really helps them to get up in the morning and be fresh enough for learning at school!

If you didn’t start this at the end of the holidays then it’s not too late! Make sure you wake up the kids at a regular time and they should be tired enough to fall asleep in the evening at a regular bed time. 

For advice on kids’ sleep have a look at the NHS page.

Get what you need for the day ready the night before

Is it PE day? Clubs before or after school? Guitar lessons? Get all the kit ready the night before to be sure you’re not hunting round for lost swimming goggles or reading books. Preparation really does help!

Do packed lunches the night before!

Get it all packed up in the evening – sandwiches will be fine made the night before. All you need to do in the morning is pop them into bags!

Have a homework area!

Get homework time more organised by having a dedicated area for the kids to work in. Make sure you’ve got a ready supply of pencils, pens, rubbers and paper so there is no excuse for them not to get on with homework!

Limit screen time during the school week!

Have clear boundaries on screen time, at least during the week. If you make it clear from the start how much time is allowed and when, it should make it easier to drag the devices away when it’s time to stop!

Screen time eats time – without it there is more time for reading and homework as well as running about!

Have dinner at a regular time if possible!

Regular mealtimes help bring normality and routine! Dinner doesn’t have to be at 6 on the dot but it’s a great idea to have it ready at approximately the same time each day.

If you have to have dinner at an earlier or later time on certain days then make sure you let the kids  know the schedule. Kids usually respond well to structure and if you let them know in advance about any changes to the routine then they can expect them!

Leave yourself as much extra time as possible in the morning!

You’ll always need extra time – getting dressed can take longer than expected or something unexpected might crop up. If you’ve left an extra half hour to cover eventualities then you should be well prepared!

Make sure any uniform is clean!

Do this the night before! Make sure uniform is presentable and tidy, if you do it the night before then you’ll have time in the morning to make sure you look great too!

Don’t try to pack in too many before and after school activities!

It can be tempting to sign the kids up for a multitude of clubs, however you always need to make sure you leave enough unplanned time so you and the kids have a chance to relax and not rush from thing to thing! Clubs and activities are great but not at the cost of your mental health! If it becomes too stressful getting the kids to lots of clubs then cut down! They won’t suffer but they will if you are constantly exhausted and in a bad mood!

Try to remember how nice it was not rushing around all the time during the lockdown – one of the positive aspects of the enforced captivity! Nice as it is to have lots going on for the kids it’s also good to learn a few lessons from lockdown time!

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We hope that our top tips help you get more organised for the term time routine! We’ll certainly be trying to follow them!

Remember though there are always going to be chaotic days – that’s just being a parent! Don’t worry and don’t give yourself a hard time about it!

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