Personalised Bottle Bands - Fantastic Reasons to Buy

Personalised Bottle Bands - Fantastic Reasons to Buy

Minaym personalised bottle bands are ever popular and for all the right reasons! Customers love them for their ease of use, washable nature, stunning looks and superb, problem solving practicality.

Water bottle id bands are a must for school!

Water bottle name bands are a fantastic idea for labelling your kids’ bottles - we came up with the idea ourselves after getting fed up with sticking on endless stickers that just rubbed off! They’re available from minaym in a range of colours - something to suit every child and even adults too!

School bottle band

Bottle name bands are tactile and easy to keep clean. They won’t get grubby as you can wash them either by hand in soapy water or pop them into the machine still on the bottle! They’ll come up good as new! They are extremely durable and you can swap them onto other bottles too - ease them off with a little soapy water and use them on a different bottle!

Our personalised water bottle bands are easy to stretch onto your bottles too - simply take them off our recyclable packaging and stretch with your hand to fit your bottle! Then your child’s bottle will be clearly and stylishly named for a long time to come!

Our rubber bands for water bottles are made from eco friendly silicone which we can recycle if you send your used band back to us! We’re really keen on keeping our packaging minimal and eco friendly too to do our best to help the planet!

Bottle note bands are also BPA and phthalate free - so you can be sure that they are as safe as possible for your children. We do of course advise that young children and babies are supervised while using our products.

Our colour bottle bands are perfect for school and also for nursery and pre-school too! Don’t let your kids’ bottles get mixed up with those that look similar but don’t belong to them! You’ll be helping to make sure that fewer hands touch your kids’ bottles too - because clearly marked bottles are far less likely to be passed around looking for an owner! Water bottle bands for daycare are the perfect way to prevent mix ups at nursery!

Baby bottle rubber name bands - you might not think you need them for a young baby but once you get one you’ll be lost without it! If you bottle feed it’ll make your baby’s bottle stand out and be easy to grab. If you breast feed then you may want to express milk into a bottle to give yourself a break at times! Our baby bottle bands are perfect for labelling your tiny tot’s bottle so dad or a grandparent can spot the bottle in the fridge!

Rubber name bands for bottles uk are absolutely awesome - some of our customers have even used them to display allergy or health information!

Personalised bottle bands and personalised baby bottle bands are really popular with our customers - have a look at our reviews and you will see for yourself! We love giving excellent customer service and you can always message us if you have any special requirements - we’ll always be happy to help. You’ll see that our Personalised Bottle Bands have won several awards - checkout the Bottle Band page on our website to see these!

We’ve had customers who buy our silicone bands for water bottles for their kids, themselves and friends! They are useful for work or the gym for adults too!

We even make our bottle name bands in braille! They are also proving very popular with parents of kids with autism and other learning difficulties - because they are so smooth and tactile they are comforting to touch and feel. Our range of colours also means that you don’t only have bright colours to choose from - we also offer quieter, calmer colours which do not over stimulate.

If you’ve got a sports club or other group and would like to bulk order our personalised bottle bands then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at - we’ll be happy to help!

We find that once your child sees a friend with one of our bottle note bands then they want one too! They also make perfect kids’ birthday gifts or kids’ party gifts - they’re a cheap kids’ gift that won’t get thrown in the bin!

Your child can choose from three different fonts for the personalisation and they can also choose an icon from our selection - so their bottle id band will be fully personalised for them! They’ll love using their personalised water bottles with our colour note bands!

We’re always coming up with special bands too - we have a unique personalised water bottle band for the 4th of July and we’ll be making other different bands too - keep a look out!

Water bottle bands are brilliant for kids’ sports bottles!

How do you name your kids’ sports bottles?

Do you use labels or write on the bottle? Or do you leave off the name altogether? Do you end up losing a lot of your kids’ water bottles? Are you always buying new ones?

Berry Purple Bottle Bands

Do you have a child who does lots of sport? They’ll be sure to thank you for getting them a bottle name band - in a pile of other bottles at football or karate they’ll spot theirs easily! Forget losing a bottle every few weeks - with our personalised bottle bands your kids should find misplaced bottles come back to them because they are clearly named!

We might have the answer to your water bottle naming problem! Our water bottle bands are brilliant for labelling kids’ bottles for sports and other clubs!

Our bands are laser marked with your choice of name and an icon from our wide selection. We’ve got icons for every taste from dinosaurs to footballs, from ballet shoes to hearts! With our water bottle bands, your kids’ water bottles will be easy to spot at any sporting event or in school or nursery. They’re far less likely to get muddled up with other similar bottles and far more likely to come back to you if they are mislaid!

Kids always need water bottles for clubs and sports - so it’s easy to lose them or get them mixed up. Piles of water bottles at football or basketball? How can your child see their own water bottle when it’s mixed in with all the others? With our water bottle bands it’s easy! They’re available in a selection of 9 colours from pastels to brights so your child’s water bottle will stand out from the crowd!

For younger children our water bottle bands can help too - and not just by standing out! Our silicone bands make bottles easier to grip and hold which is great for kids with developing coordination skills! Because they’re easy to wash you won’t have the worry of germs spreading when bottles are handled - quite the opposite in fact, because our water bottle bands make bottles stand out, fewer hands are likely to be touching your kids’ bottles because they won’t be mistaken for similar ones!

Bottle Band

If you’ve got a toddler or young child, you’ll be preparing them for the start of school and early literacy! Because our shrink bottle bands are labelled with your child’s name, it’s easy for them to become familiar with the letters - they’ll see them every time they use the water bottle! Naturally absorbing language is the best way to learn!

Even adults love our water bottle bands for work - teachers moving from room to room or nurses even! Anyone who needs to keep tabs on their own water bottle in a stylish and hygienic way!

If you’ve got younger children then you’ll be interested to know that we also make personalised kids’ cutlery and baby led weaning spoons - also personalised with your child’s name. Baby weaning spoons are made from BPA free silicone which is chewable, suckable and kind to gums! Personalised kids’ cutlery is made from BPA free silicone and stainless steel. They make great toddler birthday gifts or a gift for a new baby! Bottle bands for daycare take the hassle out of keeping hold of your child’s bottle!

We’ve also got a new range of wooden Montessori learning toys - Montessori fun learning wooden toys are the best way for young children to start educating themselves! Made from wood, they aren’t brash and over stimulating as plastic toys can be. They encourage independent learning - the ideal of wooden Montessori toys is that kids learn by making their own mistakes and correcting them themselves rather than relying on adult input. This makes for independent learners at school - and that’s very important!

For maths with have Number Match Cards - wooden domino style cards that allow your child to count dots and match them to the number and number word. These are brilliant for toddlers and preschoolers - they can start by just learning to count the dots and then progress to matching them with the number halves.

We’ve also got Alphabet Letters and Numbers - wooden Montessori style letter and number shapes that kids can really feel and draw round. The tactile qualities of our Montessori learning toys encourage children to really absorb the shapes and forms of the letters and numbers so they really become naturally familiar with them.

For preschoolers and early learners we’ve got a scrabble style Alphabet Letters game - children can make up their own words and names and place them on the wooden placeholder provided. Lots of fun and experimentation for your child and maybe a friend too!

With Wooden Emotion Cards to help kids express their feelings and talk about them, and Wooden Matching Pairs which are beautifully laser marked with animals and objects - we’ve got a brilliant range of wooden Montessori learning toys and puzzles for your child or for kids’ birthday gifts as well!

You’ll find all of these and more in our shop - and coming soon we have a brand new range of silicone mealtime products too!

Water bottle ID bands – we’ve got icons to suit every taste and age!

Our water bottle ID bands are a brilliant way to name kids’ water bottles as well as making fantastic baby water bottle ID bands! You can choose up to two lines of lettering – so that could be your child’s name and surname, or their name and school name, or anything you like! We also have a range of amazing icons for children of any age to choose from! So our water bottle ID bands are not just for babies, toddlers or little ones! School age kids, teenagers or even adults can find an icon to suit them and to really personalise their bottle band!

So which icons are our most popular?

Our heart icon is very popular for girls’ water bottle ID bands, and our football icon is much in demand for personalised bottle bands going to boys! Sounds pretty stereotypical but it’s what people are buying!

If you have a boy or girl who is into karate then we offer a high kicking karate icon for their personalised water bottle ID band! All that karate practice will make your kids thirsty and their friend will be super impressed when they grab their water bottle with its bottle band complete with name and karate icon!

Bottle Band Pink

For your dinosaur loving kids we’ve got not one but two dinosaur icons! Little ones often love dinosaurs and our two are distinctly different! One dinosaur icon for a personalised water bottle ID band is super cute and cuddly looking and the other is a terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex! Are your kids brave enough to have him on their water bottle ID band? Or would they prefer the more friendly dinosaur on their personalised bottle band?

We suggest if you’re choosing a dinosaur icon for a bottle band as a gift then our super cute dinosaur is best for tiny tots, while older ones might prefer our more scary character!

Are you buying a water bottle ID band for a sporty kid?

We’ve got lots of icons for sporty kids! If the child you are buying for is a keen cyclist, or just likes messing around on a bike, we’ve got a super speedy looking cycling icon to add to their personalised water bottle ID band.

For tennis lovers or just those learning to bat a ball about, we’ve got a tennis racquet icon, giving any personalised bottle band a Wimbledon feel! This is one for the tennis stars of tomorrow and any child who enjoys the net court! You can even get the band personalised with the name of their tennis club if they have one.

Golf loving kids can have a golf figure complete with swinging club! Golf’s a growing sport among kids and this is also one for kids who like following their mums and dads around the course.

Bottle bands

How about a personalised water bottle ID band with a sailing boat on it for those who are at home on the water! Or for land lovers we have a cricket bat icon – perfect on kids’ water bottles through the long summer weekends and evenings of cricket practice.

How about icons for little ones?

We’ve got lots of icons for little ones to have on their personalised water bottle ID bands.

For your little animal lovers and those who love the zoo, we’ve got some friendly animal icons for your little ones to love! From the classic teddy bear for comfort to a zebra, lion or elephant, we’ve got a lot of animal icons to choose from for your child’s personalised water bottle ID band.

We have a little princess icon for tiny divas or ballet shoes for little dancers! Do you have a child who likes music or plays a musical instrument? For their personalised water bottle ID band we have a musical notes icon! Perfect for bottle bands going to orchestra or just a little ones’ singing session at the local library.

Most little ones like to watch builders at work and we’ve got a bulldozer icon for vehicle lovers! Not forgetting of course, our ambulance icon and our super speedy racing car icon!  We really do have an icon for almost every child – and some adults too.

Personalised Silicone Bottle Bands Colours

We’ve mentioned just a few of our water bottle ID band icons – you’ll need to look in our shop at our personalised bottle bands to see the full selection! We’ve got a special visualiser tool so you can choose your lettering, font and icon and see a representation of it for yourself on the website before you buy.

The ideal choice for a kids’ birthday gift, our personalised water bottle ID bands are reasonably priced and will be well loved! They’re also eco-friendly – return to us for specialist recycling. With minimal and recyclable packaging, what could be better for a kids’ party gift.

Have a look in our shop now and make your choice!

Personalised water bottle bands – a great idea for those kids’ party gifts.

We have some fantastic ideas for cheap kids’ gifts – things that are stylish, useful and won’t break the bank! So your kids can enjoy the parties and you won’t feel as though you need to keep a separate bank account to fund them!

Our personalised water bottle bands are made from BPA free silicone which is soft and tactile as well as free from nasty chemicals. They are perfect for labelling kids’ water bottles for school and sports clubs. We’ve all tried different methods of naming our kids’ water bottles and it can be a frustrating process! That’s why we started making our personalised water bottle bands – so that kids’ bottles can be named in a durable, stylish and practical way that kids love.

We know that our personalised water bottle bands work because we’ve got them on our kids bottles – and because of the many, many rapturous reviews we’ve received from our satisfied customers.

They’re so easy to keep clean – you can wash them still on the bottle as you would normally clean your kids’ water bottles, either by hand or in the dishwasher. They won’t fade or stain and are extremely strong and durable – so they’ll be great on bottles year after year.

Ideal for those kids’ party gifts – you don’t want to spend a lot but you want to give something that is fun, attractive and useful! Kids and parents alike will be delighted with this child’s birthday gift. Once one child has one, all the others will want them.

Personalised bottle bands are also perfect for babies’ bottles, so they make an excellent toddler birthday gift or even a gift for a new baby. They work really well on a baby’s nursery bottle, making it easy to spot and hard to lose! Pop your baby’s bottle with its personalised bottle band on into your nappy bag and you won’t get it mixed up with other babies’ bottles when you meet at the park or over coffee with other baby parents.

If you’re looking for something for a baby shower, personalised bottle bands for baby shower can make excellent gifts. You don’t know the name of the baby yet? No problem! You could choose text like ‘My little princess’ or ‘Little prince’ for your bottle band - brilliant for a small gift for prospective parents. Or you could order our personalised bottle bands for an upcoming baby shower, and have your guests’ cups beautifully labelled before the fun begins.

You can feel reassured also that you’re being kind to the planet if you purchase our name bands for water bottles – they’re recyclable if you return them to us and the packaging can go straight into your recycling bin.

Personalised kids’ cutlery – an unforgettable toddler’s birthday gift or newborn gift!

We’ve got a fantastic range of baby and toddler cutlery to choose from if you’re looking for a reasonably priced baby or toddler birthday gift. You want to give something special but not hugely expensive? We have just what you’re looking for.

With personalised silicone baby led weaning spoons topped with animal silhouettes and personalised silicone and stainless steel toddler cutlery, we’ve got something for babies right up through the toddler years.

Young kid with a bottle band

Our personalised baby led weaning spoons are soft and suckable, BPA and phthalate free and easy for baby to grasp and hold. Whether you’re going for baby led weaning or mixing it with some parent led feeding, our personalised silicone weaning spoons are just the thing. In peaceful pastel shades to encourage relaxed eating, our baby weaning spoons are ideal for babies nursing sore gums!

Let your baby take control and practice eating easily with our baby weaning spoons! An ideal gift for a 6 month old baby or even a new baby if you’re looking ahead to weaning – and it does come up pretty quickly.

Personalised toddler cutlery – little ones love to eat like their older brothers, sisters, friends and parents and our personalised toddler cutlery lets them do just that! With BPA free silicone handles that are easy to grab, smooth for your toddler’s skin and non slip, our personalised kids’ cutlery has eco friendly stainless steel fork tines and spoon scoops.

The perfect progression from our baby led weaning spoons, this personalised toddler cutlery makes a fantastic toddler’s birthday gift or kids’ occasion gift.

We’ve also got a wonderful new range of personalised wooden Montessori learning toys to choose from if you’re looking to buy something educational but fun with an organic, natural feel.

Our products include Number Match Cards – a domino style dot and number matching game; a game of Pairs marked on wooden tiles – have fun matching the wooden tiles; as well as Montessori wooden letter and number tiles and Montessori wooden alphabet and number shapes which include mathematical symbols.

So you can see you’ll be spoiled for choice if you’re looking for a kids’ party gift – and we have a new range of silicone products coming very soon geared to baby and toddler feeding and drinking.

Have a look at our shop for all of our products, we’re sure you’ll find something to give as a kids’ party gift – and you’ll come back for more!

10 great reasons to buy bottle name bands!

Bottle name bands – we know they’re amazing and our customers agree. But just in case you aren’t sure – or you don’t know what bottle bands are – we’re here to help!

Bottle Bands

So, why are bottle name bands so good?

1. Bottle name bands look so good!

Rubber name bands for bottles look super cool and stylish! They come in a range of 9 colours from pastels to vibrant brights – something for every child and even for their parents too! Kids love the look of our bottle name bands and friends will be asking for one too! They are also eco friendly and recyclable by returning to us – and our packaging is minimal and recyclable too!

2. Bottle note bands – clear and stylish naming.

Water bottles are clearly named and far less likely to get lost with our silicone name bands for bottles. We use laser technology to label the bands – so the names are clear and won’t rub off. Your child can choose from a range of 3 different cool fonts too so they can express themselves! We’ve found that laser technology names the water bottle bands in a super stylish way.

3. Easy to wash and keep clean.

You can keep bottle name bands uk perfectly clean and hygienic – very important with covid and other nasty viruses around! All you need to do is wash your kids’ bottles as usual with the band still in place – either in the dishwasher or else by hand in hot, soapy water. There is no need to remove the band before washing so it’s super easy! Silicone name bands for bottles will come up as good as new after every wash! They are also BPA and chemical free!

4. Great for sports

Personalised bottle bands are great for the kids’ bottles for sports and other clubs! Their bottles will be easy to recognise among others with their vibrant bottle note bands on! Whether it’s swimming or orchestra, football or chess club, rubber name bands for water bottles really are the best way to name the kids’ bottles.

5. The perfect kids’ birthday gift.

Colour bottle bands make amazing kids’ birthday gifts and they are a cheap kids’ gift for a special occasion! All those birthdays at school can get expensive – personalised bottle bands are a cheap kids’ birthday gift that will be useful and won’t get thrown in the bin! Children will be super happy to get such a great birthday present!

6. Bottle name bands – personalise with an icon.

Bottle bands can be personalised with an icon as well as the name – so your child can choose from a selection of icons shown on our website! There’s something there to suit babies, primary aged children and older kids too as well as adults.

7. Superb for kids with learning difficulties.

Personalised bottle bands are superb for children with learning disabilities and autistic children! Their smooth texture and feel makes them very tactile and if how things feel is something your child is attracted to then our colour bottle bands are perfect! We also offer bottle note bands in pastel colours which can be more calming if your child gets over stimulated by bright colours.

They are also brilliant for displaying allergy or medical information.

8. Helps with early literacy.

Bottle bands can help your young child with early literacy! They are something that your child will see frequently if they have one on their bottle and so they will become familiar with the letters. This is a big help when they are just beginning to start learning letters and recognising names.

9. Avoid your child’s bottle getting mixed up.

Naming your kids’ bottles clearly with a rubber band for water bottles helps to avoid mix ups with other similar bottles – and so helps your child avoid some of the germs and viruses that are spread when lots of fingers touch a bottle.

10. Great for adults too.

Our personalised water bottle labels are great for adults too – for the gym or work! We’ve sold our bottle bands to nurses, teachers and gym goers and they are all delighted with them! Don’t let the kids have all the fun – you can have one for your water bottle too.

We hope we’ve convinced you of the benefits of our personalised bottle bands – and our customer reviews speak for themselves.

Take a look at our website for our bottle name bands, personalised kids’ cutlery and many other kids’ products.

Personalised bottle labels – helping you get organised on your holidays.

Lots of us are going to be having holidays at home as well as holidays abroad! If you are going to be staying at home, we’ve come up with some great ideas to fill your days with the kids! You’ll definitely need their personalised bottle labels too though to make certain your kids don’t lose their water bottles while having fun.

Personalised bottle labels at the beach

Days at the beach aren’t just for hot holidays abroad! The UK has some great coastline and beaches! They might not be as hot as southern Spain – you never know! – but they can be just as beautiful and just as much fun.

Beach fun for kids in the UK could mean rock pooling, looking for crabs, finding shells, building sandcastles and of course paddling in the sea! Your kids will need shoes suitable for walking on rocks and shingle, warm things to put on if it’s chilly and you’ll still need sunscreen even if it’s cloudy! Plenty of water and snacks – personalised bottle labels are great for naming water bottles so they’ll be easy to spot on the sand!

Brilliant beaches in the south of England include Holkham in Norfolk, Mersea Island in Essex, Walberswick in Suffolk, Durdle Door in Dorset, Pedn Vounder in Cornwall, Whitstable in Kent – and many more.

In the north of England, Blackpool Beach is a classic sandy beach and it’s a super fun place for the kids to enjoy themselves.

Go to a local museum

Is there a museum near where you live or where you are staying? Too often we think of the big museums in cities when we want to take the kids out for a look into history or science.

There are plenty of local museums just waiting to be spotted! Visiting a local museum can help your kids to understand more about the area they live in and learn a bit about the people that lived there in the past too.

Great local museums include the Leigh Heritage Centre and Museum in Leigh on Sea – this one is brilliant for helping your kids understand what it was like for a fisherman and his family living and working in the fishing industry.

Stow Maries Great War Aerodrome is a fantastic place to visit with the kids – you can have a tour of the remaining RAF operations buildings and the aerodrome which is still open for small planes.

If you’re in Dorset, Tyneham Village is a deserted village in the middle of the tank ranges – it was evacuated during the war in 1943 and no one ever returned to it! You can still see the school, church and some of the homes that were abandoned.

If you’re in northern England, Grassington Folk Museum is a great little museum where the kids can learn about mining and how people used to live and work in the Yorkshire countryside.

Just a few local museums – there are so many more in every county! Don’t forget the kids’ personalised bottle labels on their water bottles for that easy to grab hydration on your day out.

Pitch a tent for a night in the garden

Pick a night when the weather looks good! Your kids will love the fun of helping to put up the tent and getting everything ready to go inside it for a night of adventure in the wilds of the garden.

It might just be the garden – with a toilet just a short dash away – but you can still create a feeling of intrepid exploration! Plan to cook a meal outside and play some garden games! If you’re lucky you might even spot some bats flying around catching insects.

You’ll need your tent and bedding and some warm clothes too! Something to cook on – a camping stove or a BBQ! Some insect repellent might be a good idea too.

Minaym personalised kids’ cutlery is ideal for toddlers to eat with and they won’t forget whose is whose because kids’ spoon and fork sets are clearly marked with their names.

Personalised bottle labels are also ideal for your kids’ water bottles – and they come in lots of colours although we can’t promise that they will light up in the dark.

Go for a bike ride or teach your child to ride a bike

Can your child ride a bike? Now you’re on staycation you’ve got time to spend teaching your kids if they haven’t already mastered it! If they can already ride then now’s the time to go on some longer, more adventurous rides. They’ll soon get the bicycling bug and they’ll have it for life.

Personalised bottle labels on a water bottle are easy to carry on a bike! Perfect for quenching thirst after all that riding.

A day trip to a forest

If it’s a hot day and you want some shade, or if it’s a rainy day and you want some shelter, a trip to the forest is a must on any holiday.

Your kids will love exploring the forest with you, having a go at building dens, watching out for wildlife and even playing hide and seek amongst the trees.

There’s nothing quite as peaceful and calming as a forest and you can let the kids run around as much as they like.

Personalised bottle labels on a water bottle are fantastic for taking on your day trip to the forest! Your kids water bottles will be super easy to see and hold with these silicone bottle bands on them.

Visit a castle or a ruin

Kids love a castle and a ruin works just as well! Let their imaginations run riot as they walk around a castle and walk in the shoes of the people who once lived there!

Hadleigh Castle in Essex is a picturesque ruin romantically set on a hill overlooking the estuary. Ideal as a spectacular end to a coastal walk.

Rochester Castle in Kent is a great place to visit if your kids like medieval ruins or try Whitby Abbey in Yorkshire.

Visit an RHS or National Trust garden

There are lots of National Trust properties with gardens and masses of open space for kids to let off steam! The National Trust often runs special events and garden trails for kids to enjoy.

Try the Blickling Estate, Norfolk which has winding paths, a secret garden and tunnels for kids to explore.

If you’re in the North, try Cragside, Northumberland – lots of rhododendrons and forest trails.

RHS gardens are also fascinating for kids and often have really cool playgrounds and events for kids! Try RHS Hyde Hall in Essex and your kids can enjoy the wooden castle and slides as well as learn how to grow vegetables.

Go to an open air cinema or theatre

Lots of parks are putting on open air cinemas and theatres for families to enjoy. Why not check out your local park’s website and see what’s on?

An evening in the park is a great opportunity for a picnic – don’t forget your personalised toddler spoon and fork set if you have little ones, or one of our silicone baby led weaning spoons for a baby just learning to feed themselves.

Personalised bottle labels are a must for your kids’ water bottles on an evening picnic – they won’t get mixed up and they shouldn’t get lost.

There is so much to do and see right on your doorstep. You don’t need to get on a plane to get away.

Visit our shop to see personalised bottle labels, personalised kids’ cutlery and other products coming soon.

You'll love personalised bottle bands - your 1st choice for school

Our silicone name bands for bottles don’t just look smart and sassy though - they also make a lot of sense. How many times have you bought a bottle for your child only to find that 4 others in the class have the same one? Even though you write a name on the bottle they still come home with someone else’s - or else don’t come home with one at all.

Well, because our bottle bands are colourful and fantastic looking as well as clearly marked with your child’s name, your child’s bottle should be easily recognisable! So, fewer mix ups, fewer germs are spread and it’s easier to make sure that a dozen sticky hands don’t touch your child’s bottle.

With the devastation of Covid we are all only too aware of the importance of washing hands and keeping stuff clean - and our personalised bottle labels are a welcome help in this battle.

Personalised bottle bands are so easy to put onto the bottle too - just simply stretch to fit, adjust into position - and pop into the school bag.

We’ve introduced a new range of colours for our personalised bottle bands - your child can choose a shade that suits them from soft pastel shades to more vibrant hues. We’ve also developed 3 different fonts so your child can really make the lettering more personal! Plus an extended selection of icons to suit every child from pre-schoolers right up to teenage.

Young Kid drinking from bottle with bottle band

Look on our site and you can even see how your personalisation will look on our visualiser tool. Of course our images are just there to give you a graphic representation of the final look, but your child can really enjoy trying their name with different coloured bands and icons and see which they prefer! It’s a super cool way of seeing how the band will look.

Kids need labelled bottles for school sports - sport is great for the mental and physical health and general happiness! With sport comes the need to take a water bottle – and naming that bottle with one of our colour bottle bands makes it really easy to see and grab when refreshment is required.

Your bottle, decorated with your personalised bottle band can go with your child for a splash by the swimming pool, easy to spot even through a pair of misty goggles! It will be a brilliant match for your child’s bottle at the tennis court and it will happily sit on the bench at the football pitch – it’ll even have a try at rugby! So easy to clean, once the games are over you can just pop it into the dishwasher still on the bottle and it will come out as good as new every time.

In the playground your child’s bottle, with its personalised bottle band, will stand out amongst the motley collection of kids’ bottles abandoned in the rush to charge about – and it won’t be left out in the rain! Think about those bottles you see sitting forlornly in the playground when you come to pick up your child, desperate to be claimed….well your child’s bottle won’t be one of those with a personalised bottle label on it! It will be remembered and picked up or returned to your child thanks to its clear naming.

Personalised bottle bands are perfect for pre-school or nursery too

If your child isn’t at school yet but goes to pre-school or nursery, our personalised bottle labels will be just as useful for naming their bottles. Get your young child to choose their favourite colour from our selection and they will be delighted to show off their bottle band to their little friends – who will all want one! Those trips to the local park to meet up with a tiny pal – take their bottle clearly labelled with a personalised bottle band and you’re far less likely to leave it behind on the swings or the bench.

Checkout our personalised cutlery sets for little ones

For little ones we also have some wonderful children’s cutlery sets which come fully personalised for your child. Choose from silicone baby led weaning spoons for babies from 6 months and stainless steel and silicone cutlery sets for little kids growing up fast! All of this beautiful personalised children’s cutlery is made with BPA and phthalate free silicone – no nasty chemicals so very safe for your child. They also have fantastically friendly looking animals at the tips of the handles to make every morsel fun and something to look forward to.

Have a look at our infant feeding page for the full selection of colours and even try our visualiser tool – just as for the bottle bands, you can see how your spoon will look and try our different fonts. Your tiny tot or toddler will then have a fabulous personalised spoon or spoon and fork set to take to nursery, on a picnic or simply to use at home.

Do you have a toddler who will be left at home once the older ones are back at school? Why not treat them to one of our personalised kids’ cutlery sets to distract them from the fact that their much loved siblings are now out for the day? It might save you from a few tantrums.

Our products can be recycled – so can our packaging

Of course the materials we use for our products are well researched for their safety, looks and durability! We’re really conscious of looking after the planet – our bands and other products are built to last and our packaging is entirely recyclable. Our silicone products can be recycled too if you return them to us once you’ve finished with them. We’re sure that won’t be for a long time though.

We know you’ll love our bottle bands as much as our current customers do! They’re award winning and for very good reason! Have a look in our shop! You’ll find minaym personalised bottle bands and much, much more.