Tasty treats for toddler snack pots

Fruit Salad

Stuck for tasty snack ideas for your toddler? No fun in the same old nibbles? It’s time to try out some new ideas - foods that will fit perfectly into our toddler snack pots!

We’ve got a bunch of tempting, tasty toddler snack ideas to get their fingers dipping into our snack pots!

Fantastic fruit cubes

Simple! Mix up the colours and textures - chop up bits of crunchy apple, pear pieces, sweet strawberry chunks, kiwi cubes - anything that tickles your toddler’s taste buds!

Toddler sized tasty bites packed with nutrients! The more variety of colours you can include, the better it is for your little one!

Be sure to cut your chunks to just the right size for your toddler’s fingers to grab!

Delicious dried fruit

A naturally sweet treat! Tangy apple rings, juicy cranberries, plump apricots bursting with flavour, plus crunchy banana chips (no added sugar of course!) and rich, dark raisins ready for munching on……for a bite sized, sweet snack with all the goodness of dried fruit!

Dried Apricot

Remember - with dried fruit a little goes a long way! It’s hard to beat in a toddler snack pot for an energy boosting mid morning or afternoon nibble!


An old classic combination….

Cheese and tomato loving toddlers can chew on this idea! Super sweet, vibrant cherry tomatoes sliced in half plus neatly chopped chunks of cheese!

Try old favourites like Cheddar or test out new ones! Edam is great for toddlers who like a milder cheese, or go crazy with Gouda! There are even non-dairy cheeses readily available, so vegans or lactose intolerant tots won’t be stuck for choice!


Ideal for savoury loving toddlers and packed with calcium to help those tiny teeth and bones grow strong!

Cool as a….carrot

You can’t beat a carrot as a bite sized snack for a toddler! Cucumber too is refreshing and hydrating - add sliced ham and mini rice cakes to this and you’ve got a protein packed snack with a delicious crunch!


Cut up carrots into batons, match them for size with cucumber sticks, chop the ham into toddler sized pieces and pop into the snack pot with a few mini rice cakes. Enough to pacify any peckish little one between meals!