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Kid using a bottle band

The restrictions we’ve recently faced, and still face, make it all the more important to find those extra special things that bring glimmers of joy for the children you know and love. Little things can bring great happiness! So why not….

Choose PKS!

Well here at PKS we have products that will solve your gifting problems whether you are looking for gifts for babies, pre-schoolers or older, school age children. We produce practical, stylish, personalised children’s products that won’t break the bank and are kind to the planet too, as well as being safe for your kids. They make fantastic comparatively cheap presents for kids.

You might be looking for kids’ birthday gifts or maybe you are looking for a present for a new baby. Do you try to think of things that will be useful? Water bottles perhaps? Always needed for school and sports activities…..but they have a bunch of water bottles in the cupboard and the really nice ones are always getting lost….

So why not treat the child you are buying for to their own personalised silicone Name Band for that school or sports water bottle?

Water Bottle with Bottle Band

Checkout our silicone Name Bands for kids’ water bottles

Our BPA free Name Bands are great gifts for babies, pre-schoolers and school age kids alike – personalised bottle labels are always useful and a great solution for naming bottles that otherwise would have sticky labels on, written in pen that smears at the first sign of rain or a tap!

Our Name Bands will happily go into a dishwasher – on the bottle – or be immersed in hot, soapy water. Whichever way you usually clean your children’s bottles, with Name Bands there is no need to remove before washing.

They will also last and last – so your child or the child you are buying for will have a clearly named bottle and you won’t have to keep worrying about rewriting the sticky labels! It’s no surprise that our Name Bands are a very popular choice with parents and children alike – and their friends once they see them!

So not only do they make great kit for kids, they are also perfect as personalised birthday gifts too, an inexpensive and brilliant solution for those tricky kids’ presents, also a really cool present for toddlers! For nursery or just a baby group these are excellent waterproof baby bottle labels. These are must have gifts for children!

Name Bands will quickly become the thing to have at school and preschool! They are the ideal school bottle name band – we have found that once one child has one all the other kids start asking parents for one too! Ideal for those of you looking for waterproof baby bottle labels too, these are not just for older kids but also good for nursery.

Bright, vivid colours and pastel shades too

We have bright, vibrant band colours to choose from for those who like to make a bold statement. We also have calmer pastel shades for those who prefer a more subtle approach. You can choose up to two lines of text for the personalisation, plus select from our range of motifs – these include motifs for sports, music, or – perhaps more for the little ones – dinosaurs or fairies. Have a look at our product pages for details of motifs and colours. There is something for everyone there.

With Name Bands not only will a child’s water bottle look super trendy but it will be easy to grab, difficult to lose and admired by all who see it! Some older children even use them as cool wrist bands too! The perfect gift for kids of all ages.

These are not only good for young children but great name bands for any school age child. Ideal gifts for those birthdays in your child’s class!

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Bottle Band Colours

What about a special gift for a growing baby?

How about special gifts for babies? Babies often get lots of clothes given to them and parents already have items such as buggy bags…..and you aren’t looking for anything that’s too expensive. Books are always good but they have lots of them too… about a personalised baby spoon?

Our personalised silicone early self feeding spoons are a great idea for babies starting to learn about food. Suitable for use from 6 months, these could make an amazing personalised baby gift or even a personalised newborn baby gift for those of you who like to look ahead.

You might be looking for gifts for babies under 6 months that will soon reach that 6 month milestone, or for gifts for babies 6-12 months old who are just getting into learning to feed themselves.

Moving to self feeding can be a big step! Our silicone spoons help to make this transition easier. Although designed as a baby led weaning spoon, you can of course use this spoon to feed baby too, but he or she will be excited to grab it, try it out and work out what it’s for! Growing infants will soon be experimenting with a whole variety of foods and a good spoon is an essential to enable them to scoop things up…..they will find our spoons delightfully suckable!

Plus these are no ordinary baby spoons – they are personalised! They are also silicone – with its tactile qualities it makes the perfect baby weaning spoon. Try it and let your baby decide when to start weaning!

Why not take a look at our silicone blog to find out more about silicone and why it’s excellent for making children’s products.

Silicone Spoon

Perfection personalised in a spoon

You select from our pastel shades and we will personalise your spoon with your choice of lettering. Our spoons are tipped with a friendly animal silhouette that will become warmly familiar to your baby – or the baby you have in mind – forming a positive association with mealtimes. The BPA free silicone feels smooth and comforting in baby’s mouth and the handles with their animal tip are easy to grab onto and hold in little hands experimenting with food and eating.

Perhaps you want to give a gift to a friend who has just had a baby, or you are just buying as a practical and stylish spoon for your own bundle of joy as a super cool baby gift. Our spoons are perfect to just pop into a buggy or nursery bag for feeding on the go, the clear naming will make certain they are hard to lose or get mixed up. Pastel shades encourage a relaxed feeding time rather than the confusing chaos that sometimes rules infant mealtimes.

When you give this personalised baby spoon as a present you are sure to find it’s well received – and well used! It makes a fairly cheap personalised baby gift. Tiny tots will love it so much that they won’t want to give it up when they move on to more grown up cutlery……but we have an answer for that problem too….

Cutlery for little kids who are getting bigger – the best presents for toddlers!

Our silicone and stainless steel spoon and fork cutlery set! For tots who have outgrown our baby self feeding spoon, this is the ‘big kid’ set to move on to! And the one to have! Are you thinking of children’s cutlery as a gift? This could be the perfect solution. Children’s cutlery with names on it!

For preschool age, 2 or 3 years old, our personalised stainless steel and silicone spoon and fork set will definitely be popular and well received. The fork and spoon both have BPA free silicone handles and stainless steel ends. The fork has tines indented in a zig zag design for added interest in the mouth and added grip onto those difficult to capture crumbs. The spoon has a stainless steel scoop that makes it easy for a toddler to trap that spoonful of yogurt or those berries that are trying to escape. We don’t include a knife in this set as we think they will have hands full chasing morsels with the spoon and fork!

Like our silicone baby spoons, this stainless steel cutlery set has silicone handles tipped by our friendly animal motif, which will become a familiar mealtime munching friend. Our animals really love to try different foods and this means your child may well be encouraged to experiment with eating too!

Little children will love the pastel shades of the cutlery – we have baby blue or rose pink – and these calming colours, like the colours of the silicone baby spoon also encourage a peaceful atmosphere. Mealtimes can get messy enough so anything that calms the environment is an added bonus! Little ones love to feel special and these spoons, personalised with their name, will become a must have that they won’t be without. This cutlery has got to be among the best presents for toddlers, great as children’s training cutlery.

Take this stainless steel and silicone cutlery on picnics in summer or to preschool or nursery – clearly named with the personalisation it’s unlikely to get lost. Your little ones will be proud to show them off to their friends!

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Stainless Steel Cutlery

Why not buy several personalised items for a gift that’ll be unbeatable?

As an extra special gift, why not buy both the personalised silicone baby spoon and the personalised stainless steel cutlery set? This would make an amazing and welcome gift for someone with a young baby – cutlery to last them well into their 3rd year! Fully personalised – an inexpensive yet impressive present that will certainly be appreciated and remembered. You could even throw in a personalised silicone Name Band for naming their bottles too! A really cool present for kids!

Checkout our product pages for the details of all of our products. We think you’ll find something at PKS to suit your budget and sort out your present buying problems if you are shopping for kids’ gifts. Easy to pop into a gift bag, or for that extra personal present – we have what you need. A baby gift, a water bottle band for a school age child or children’s easy grip cutlery. We have it all!

Personalised and with that personal service too

We will go out of our way to give you that extra special personal service too. You can check out our pages on instagram or Facebook as well as our website, and look at our whole product range. We want you to come back to us again and again for children’s products and gifts, and we want you to tell your friends how good we are too!

For great products that make superb gifts, look no further than PKS. We delivery quality, stylish, practical products, fully personalised – with that personal, friendly service that we know you value.

Why not have a look at our products and decide for yourself?

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