Personalised Bottle Bands! You need them! 10 brilliant reasons why!

bottle bands, and water bottles at the beach

Personalised Bottle Bands – what are they?

At PKS we love our Personalised Bottle Bands – they were our first product and they are still a very popular choice! We’ve won awards with them both in 2020 and 2021 with Made for Mums –  winning Best Bottlefeeding Accessory and Editor’s Choice respectively! But we thought we’d go a little further in explaining what they are and why you need them in your life!

Our Personalised Bottle Name Bands are BPA free silicone bands personalised with your choice of name – and an icon of your choice! The idea for them came from us as mums, fed up with writing out countless labels with our kids’ names on to identify their water bottles for school. We all know that sticky labels wash off so it’s a constant battle to keep those bottles named! That’s where our personalised bottle labels come in very handy! 

bottle band on water bottle

All you need to do with our Personalised Bottle Bands is stretch them to fit your child’s bottle and they’ll stay in place and ensure that the bottle is clearly named and recognisable! They’ll even go in the dishwasher still on the bottle or you can wash them by hand as you would normally wash the bottle.

So now you know what Personalised Bottle bands are, here are some reasons why you really need them! They are baby bottle id bands, they are colour name bands – they are brilliant for work and for play!

bottle band on water bottle

Your kids lose water bottles!

Are you forever having to buy new water bottles because your kids lose them or they get mixed up with other children’s bottles? This is far less likely to happen when you name your child’s bottle with one of our Personalised Bottle Bands! They are colourful and easy to spot, clearly named with our laser marking process and stand out from the crowd! So there’s a lot more chance that your kids will keep their bottles and you won’t have to pay out so much on new ones!

You’re worried about other kids handling your child’s bottle and spreading germs – or Covid!

One of our motivations for producing Personalised Bottle Bands was stemming the spread of germs and viruses that could potentially be caught from lots of hands touching your kids’ bottles! Lots of bottles look similar so there are loads of mix ups with other bottles – and you really don’t want other kids handling or drinking from your kids’ bottles! 

Bottles named with Personalised Bottle Bands are far less likely to get mixed up with others so your child’s bottle should stay cleaner and more hygienic because fewer people will handle it!

You have several children and they always fight over bottles!

Much less likely to happen if they each have a Personalised  Bottle Band on each bottle! Get them different colours – they can choose from a range of 9 colours from pastels to brights – and they’ll know exactly whose is whose! Much more peaceful! Each band can be marked with a choice of 3 fonts too and an icon from a wide selection! Something for everyone!

kids with water bottle

Your toddlers have little hands and they find it hard to grasp bottles!

No problem! We have the answer with our Personalised Bottle Bands. The  BPA free silicone our bands are made of is tactile and makes it much easier for little hands to grab and hold slippery water bottles! 

Your little ones will love the fee of our Personalised Bottle Bands and also the range of enticing colours!  They’ll never drop their bottles again!

Your kids love stylish accessories!

Who doesn’t love an eye-catching accessory? Children love attractive things and our bottle name bands make their school or preschool bottles look fabulous! They’ll be the envy of all their friends with these bottle note bands! Have a look at the wonderful choice of colours and let them choose their favourite!

Your child has autism or another special need!

Children with autism often love certain textures and the smoothness of our Personalised Bottle Bands could well appeal to your child if they are particularly aware of how things feel to the touch. 

Not only the tactile qualities, but also our range of colours – we have calming pastel colours as well as brighter ones and these may help calm sensory overload. Our bands are simple, not confusing to the senses and can give a bottle a friendly, familiar feeling.

You’re looking for a reasonably cheap child’s birthday gift!

Our Personalised Bottle Bands make a wonderful kids’ birthday gift! Is your child going to a party soon?  You’ll need a present! Why not order a couple of our bottle note bands with the birthday boy or girl’s name on as a very personal and useful present? Ideal for birthdays or other special occasions!

water bottles on floor

Your kids do lots of sport!

Are you always filling water bottles for your kids to take to sports clubs? Do they come back again from swimming, tennis, football or basketball practice? They’ll have a much better chance of coming back with our Personalised Bottle Bands on! Your kids’ bottles will be easy to spot and won’t get lost!

You have a child at nursery, pre-school or school!

Personalised Bottle Bands are ideal for taking to school, pre-school or nursery. Smart, stylish and practical, they’ll add colour to any bottle and they’ll be easy to identify!

Your kids are going to summer camps!

You know how there are always water bottles in lost property at kids’ camps? Well, with our Personalised Bottle Bands you can be pretty sure that your children’s bottles won’t be amongst them!  They’ll be clearly named and if your child does leave their bottle somewhere then it’s far more likely to be returned to them!

Water bottle with bottle band

Personalised Bottle Bands aren’t just for kids – why not have one on your bottle for the gym?

Don’t want other people in the gym touching your bottle? Don’t want it to get lost in spin class? Get yourself a Personalised Bottle Band for your own bottle and you’ll always be able to keep it to yourself!

Our Bottle Bands are purchased by nurses, teachers, gym goers – they all want to have their bottles clearly marked as theirs!

We think you’ll agree that you really need at least one Personalised Bottle Band – for your children and for yourself! They’re useful wherever you and your kids take your water bottles! Not just useful though but super stylish and colourful too! Really an everyday essential!

Have a look in our shop for Personalised Bottle Bands and our other products too!