6 Perfect Easter activities for kids!

Easter eggs

The Easter break is coming up fast and Easter activities for kids are going to be in demand!  Whether you have kids in pre-school years or primary age children, you’ll need to have a few Easter activities up your sleeve to entertain them over the holiday!

Have you made plans for Easter activities for the kids already? With holidays abroad still off the menu a lot of us will be at home – or maybe having a short break in the UK.  There are lots of camps running for kids of school age – football, multi activity, cricket, tennis and other sports!  Younger ones can even go to some of these camps too!

Of course, if your kids are doing any of these, don’t forget about PKS personalised bottle bands for their water bottles! There are always lots of water bottles in lost property at camps our children have been to – don’t let your child’s bottle be one of them! PKS personalised bottle bands come in bright colours as well as pastel shades and make your child’s bottle easily recognisable – and with their name clearly marked with laser technology it won’t rub off either!

What about Easter activities for kids if they aren’t going to a camp?

So, if the kids aren’t at a camp and you have them around the house again, what can you do? Or if your kids aren’t quite old enough for a camp? Here at PKS we’ve had a think about some activities you and your kids could do over Easter that should give everyone lots of fun!

We’ve also though about some Easter activities for  kids that younger ones might enjoy to fill up a few spare hours during the holiday! If you don’t mind things getting a little messy, why not try egg decorating? It’s one of the traditional Easter activities for kids. This is also great for younger primary age kids who still enjoy getting the paints out!

Kids at easter

Easter activities for kids 1 – egg decorating!

This is one of the most fun Easter activities for kids! If you hard boil some eggs you can get the kids to paint them or even use magic markers to draw on the shells. Make sure you cool the eggs and dry them before the decorating starts!  If you do have a child with an egg allergy you could try using ping pong balls instead!

Use the egg box as a holder for the eggs while the artists are at work! You can use craft paints or acrylics designed for little ones to use – or we found that using felt tip pens works just as well!  Eggs can be decorated with faces or patterns, bright paint or even with letters on them!  Anything goes really, whatever your kids want to do.  It’s a good idea to start by laying out paint, brushes, pens and other decorating materials before they start – and covering up little ones’ clothes to save on washing!

Once they are finished you can try egg races – if you have a garden or patio that is on a bit of a slope then this is ideal. Make a start line and see which egg gets to the finish first! If you don’t have a handy slope you can still have an egg and spoon race – or just challenge the kids to see how long they can walk around with the egg still on the spoon! Surely one of the greatest Easter activities for kids!

You can balance an egg on our personalised silicone baby led weaning spoons and on our personalised stainless steel toddler cutlery – so the kids can have lots of fun trying to keep it there! Our spoons make Easter activities for kids extra fun!

Don’t forget to keep the kids well hydrated if the weather warms up – having a cup or water bottle with a PKS personalised bottle band on it makes it easy for young kids to grab and hold.  They’ll be super easy to wash too if any mess gets on them!

You can also try making an egg hunt with your coloured eggs if you feel that you don’t want to use chocolate ones! Easter can mean overkill on chocolate and sometimes it’s nice to have an alternative to hunt for! Set your hunt up either in the house or garden – or even in the park if you like! It’s lots of fun and keeps the kids busy!

Remember if you do use hard boiled eggs then they won’t keep for long out of the fridge.  

Easter egg

Easter activities for kids 2 – Stone painting!

This one has endless scope for kiddie creativity and it’s one of the more rewarding Easter activities for kids too! The kids can even paint the stones to look like Easter eggs!

Encourage the kids to collect stones – in the garden or the park, take them home and wash them and they become the ideal canvas for painting! Being outside looking for stones encourages the kids to really look at the landscape surrounding them – time spent outside absorbing nature is really  good for mental and physical health.  It’s good for adults too – taking time to help the kids look for stones is a relaxing activity and it’s well known that noticing little elements in nature can help combat stress.

Once you get the stones home and washed, the best paints to use are acrylic or craft paints that are suitable for kids. Good advice is to have a brush for each colour if possible as with kids it’s difficult to get them to clean the brush between each use! If you’ve got a few kids doing the painting then they can have a colour each to begin with then swap around. Let them get bright and bold with the colours! Easter activities for kids should be super fun!

We like using one colour for some stones for a simple, natural effect, but they also look great with patterns or dots – the kids can go to town with the colours if they want! It’s best to let one colour dry before using another on the same stone if you can get them to wait that long! You can glaze them with clear nail varnish for a shiny finish. 

Decorated stones are also superb for Easter hunts!  Or you can place them in a bowl or basket like little jewels. Such a simple thing but one of those really superb Easter activities for kids!

Easter eggs

Easter activity for  kids 3 – Make an Easter garden!

A really lovely Easter activity for kids is making an Easter garden! Get them outside noticing the green shoots, shrubs, blossom blooming and springy moss – and they can collect some of these to put in their little garden! 

We tried ours in a bowl and on a baking tray! It’s a great Easter activity for younger kids that gets them observing the natural world and feeling closer to nature! It’s also lots of exercise running around to find things for their little garden! If they’ve painted some stones they can even hide some of these in their garden as an extra Easter touch!

If you don’t have a garden then the local park is a great place to find things for an Easter garden.  You’ll be amazed what the kids see at their level that you would usually not even notice!Easter activities for kids don’t have to be complicated, simple is often better!

All this hunting for stones, flowers and leaves is thirsty work so don’t forget those water bottles with PKS personalised bottle bands on them to hydrate the nature hunters! 

Planting Seeds

Easter activities for kids 4 – Planting seeds!

Planting seeds with the kids is always a good fun activity to get them outside – and it’s productive! It’s also an early science lesson, showing what a seed needs to grow! Get yourself some potting compost and a few pots or seed trays – plus a trowel, a watering can and a few packets of seeds. From these you can show your little ones how to grow some vegetables or flowers!

Pots and seed trays can be reused year after year, cleaned and stacked away until they are needed again.

Easy and rewarding vegetable seeds to try are lettuce, herbs like basil, tomatoes and runner beans.  If you don’t have a garden you can still grow vegetables in pots on a terrace or even a balcony – and herbs will grow happily on a windowsill.  Fast and rewarding for the windowsill too is cress – you don’t even need soil for this, you can grow it in kitchen roll soaked in water! So there is something for everyone to try and every child to enjoy!

If you do have somewhere like a shed with a window in it to keep your seeds this is ideal – it can still be chilly at night around Easter – and sometimes during the day too – so your seeds will need protection while they begin to grow. After planting in compost don’t forget to water your seeds daily or whenever they look dry.

Once your seeds have grown into little plants, any time after April they can go outside either into the ground or else into pots on a patio! All they need to grow is light, regular watering and enough soil! You can give your little ones the job of daily watering and they’ll soon start to understand a lot more about what plants need to grow! 

It doesn’t need to be vegetables – your kids will also love planting sunflowers or sweet peas – these are both rewarding to grow and produce spectacular flowers! Sunflowers especially grow really quickly so are good for children because they don’t have to wait long to see progress! Get the kids to water the plants daily and they can watch them grow and flower with the satisfaction of knowing that the lovely flowers are thanking them for all that hard work!

Easter Cookies

Easter activities for kids 5 – get them baking!

Kids love baking! They will go wild over these tasty Easter biscuits!

We adore classic Easter biscuits for their simplicity.  They are easy to make, quick to bake and wonderful to decorate however you choose. Some Easter biscuits have currants in but we prefer ours without. 

Remember to let the kids help you weigh out the ingredients and stir the mixture – they can use their PKS personalised cutlery set to do this!  Kids learn a lot from helping you with baking – there’s a bit of maths in measuring out the ingredients, and a bit of science in the way the raw materials can be baked into the biscuits!  A fun opportunity for education!

Easter biscuits – ingredients:

225g/8oz Plain Flour

110g/4oz Butter

110g/40z Caster Sugar

1 small egg

1 level teaspoon Baking Powder

2 level teaspoons Ground Cinnamon or Mixed Spice

Icing sugar for icing and natural lemon food colouring if desired.


  • Cream the butter and sugar: add the sieved flour, cinnamon or spice and baking powder.
  • Add the beaten egg little by little.
  • Mix until smooth.
  • Roll out on a floured board and cut into shapes – we made egg shapes! 
  • Lay on a greased baking tray and bake at 180 degrees for about 15 – 20 mins, until golden.
  • Make the icing by adding water to the icing sugar drop by drop until you reach a spreading consistency. 
  • In a separate bowl, make the lemon icing, adding a couple of drops of the colour to the icing, then mixing with water as before.

Spread the biscuits with the icing when they are completely cool.


Easter activities for kids 6 – simple fun outdoors!

After all that creative play, grab the kids’ water bottles – with their personalised silicone bottle bands on – and a picnic and head for the park! It can even be fun in the rain – well not too much rain! Just throw in their wellies in case and you’re all set! Whether it’s playing games in the sun with a picnic on a blanket or splashing about in puddles, it’s great to just get the kids out for some simple fun!

If you do bring a picnic along then don’t forget the PKS silicone baby led weaning spoon for kids from 6 months, or PKS personalised kids’ spoon and fork set for toddlers and younger kids! They both make any picnic extra enjoyable! 

Here at PKS we’d like to wish you all a really happy Easter enjoying lots of fun activities! Get outside and blow away the cobwebs of a long winter! Before you go, head to our shop for personalised bottle bands and personalised kids’ cutlery!