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BPA free silicone

Personalised Dinosaur Themed Gift Set

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Personalised Dinosaur Suction Plate, Spoon and Bib

Let your little ones eat with a dinosaur at dinnertime! Our personalised silicone suction plate gives a whole dinosaur dining experience, encouraging eating independence - and eager eaters won’t be able to topple it over!

Colour – Orchid Pink
    Personalised Silicone Bib in Orchid Pink
    Personalised Silicone Bib in Raindrop Blue
    Light Blue Laser Marked Dinosaur Plate
    Dinosaur Themed Suction Plate
    Personalised Silicone Bibs and Plates in Raindrop Blue and Pink
    Personalised Silicone Bib in Raindrop Blue with Breakfast
    Dinosaur Themed Suction Plate
    Personalised Silicone Bib in Orchid PInk
    Light Pink Laser Marked Dinosaur Plate

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    Key features:

    • Personalised With Your Name
    • BPA free + Phthalate free
    • 100% Silicone
    • Dishwasher Safe
    • Planet Friendly

    Personalised Dinosaur Themed Gift Set Details

    Product Description

    Our dinosaur plate comes with a matching silicone dino spoon and personalised bib so your little one will be all set for an exciting eating adventure. With its good looks and pure practicality, this gift set makes the perfect personalised toddler birthday gift!

    • Includes a personalised silicone plate, themed spoon, and matching personalised bib, all made from BPA-free silicone with no nasty chemicals.
    • The plate comes with a textured, curved spoon for easy grip and stability on the plate, and is divided into 3 sections for different foods.
    • The suction base keeps the plate in place and reduces mess, making it perfect for busy mealtimes.
    • Made from smooth and tactile silicone, this set encourages toddlers to enjoy eating and makes mealtime fun.
    • Easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher.
    • Highly durable and won't break, with colours that won't fade or stain. It's also recyclable by returning it to us.
    • Comes in minimal, fully recyclable packaging to minimise environmental impact.

    Dinosaur Spoon

    Weight 28g

    H: 13.5cm W:3cm

    Care Dishwasher Safe, Steriliser Safe
    BPA-free, CE certified food grade silicone

    Dinosaur Suction Plate

    Weight 265g

    H: 19.5cm W:26.5cm D:3.5cm 

    Care Dishwasher Safe, Steriliser Safe
    BPA-free, CE certified food grade silicone


    Weight 145g

    H: 25cm W:24.5cm

    Care Dishwasher Safe, Steriliser Safe
    BPA-free, CE certified food grade silicone

    What to expect

    Further Information

    Further Product Information

    Do you have a dinosaur loving toddler? Or a messy eater who likes to tip the plate over? We have the perfect personalised toddler plate that little ones will be excited to eat from! Parents will love it too for its secret suction base that grips the table and helps reduce mess at mealtimes!

    Coupled with a silicone dinosaur themed spoon, our personalised suction plate makes the perfect toddler gift!

    To make the eating adventure a little less messy, our gift set includes a personalised silicone bib with pop fastening at the neck and large lip to catch escaping food!

    Eating from our silicone suction plate is a whole new eating experience for dinosaur loving toddlers! The silicone spoon is curved to sit snugly on the plate and won’t keep falling onto the table or slide into the food! Its handle is knobbly like a dinosaur’s back making is extra easy to grip and hold!

    This fun toddler silicone suction plate is divided into three sections so you can separate different foods - great for fussy eaters who don’t like foods mixed! It’s a great way to encourage healthy eating - we’re sure this dinosaur eats a lot of vegetables because he looks so good!

    Made from BPA free silicone, our personalised dinosaur suction plate, spoon and bib are free from phthalates and other nasty chemicals that can be found in plastic. Silicone also has a soothingly smooth, silky texture that little ones will love to touch and feel - and it’s flexible too so small hands can really enjoy the sensory exploration!

    Both plate and bib are personalised with your choice of name.

    Silicone is an eco-friendly material and it can be recycled by returning to us - all of our packaging is also fully recyclable and minimal.

    Our personalised dinosaur plate, spoon and bib are easy to keep clean and can go in the dishwasher or microwave - silicone is extremely durable and its colour won’t stain or fade. After each wash they will look just like new!

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    I Have Questions

    Is this the same colour as all the other products you sell?

    Dinosaurs like to be different and our colours are no exception! We haven’t matched our dinosaur tableware colours to the other products in our range. They are dinosaurously different!

    Can I just buy the plate and spoon?

    Are you dinoserious? Dinosaur eating is fun and messy! Your little ones will need bibs while exploring the food forest! We don’t sell the plate and spoon alone!

    How do I clean the tableware?

    You can either wash by hand in hot, soapy water or in the dishwasher. The colour of the silicone shouldn’t fade when used and washed as we recommend.

    Does the plate stick to the table surface?

    Our plate has a suction base so it will grip the table, helping avoid mess and spills!

    Can I put the plate in the microwave?

    Yes, our silicone plate is microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe.